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Industrial Boiler and Economiser Cleaning


Prolong boiler life by removing corrosive deposits.

It is well known that when a boiler and/or economiser becomes choked it’s efficiency is greatly reduced. RGL provide an efficient on-site cleaning service to restore the efficiency of your Boiler. We have tailored a range of specialist equipment for this task.

Our Ultra high pressure water jetting technique is a safe and effective method of removing unwanted deposits from Boilers, Economisers and Super Heaters.

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Safe and effective cleaning methods

To improve the efficiency further, we have developed several remote-control water jet systems which can be deployed quickly and effectively in almost any industrial situation. Once cleaned with UHP water, the steel plates and tubes of boilers and economisers are less susceptible to re fouling, meaning cleaning is required less frequently, vastly reducing lost revenue associated with expensive downtime.

We realise boiler outages are undesirable and down time needs to be minimised. Therefore, we offer a fully flexible service which can operate 24 hours a day and seven days a week including public holidays if required. The nature of our equipment means it can be set up quickly ready to begin work, shortening set up time and therefore reducing overall outage time. Our technology is also ideal for furnace and tube bank cleaning.


Boiler economiser cleaning

A build-up of deposits on internal air and water flows can have a major negative effect on Boiler efficiency.

Water Jetting is an extremely fast and effective way of removing these deposits from Super Heaters, Economisers and Tube Banks and can restore boiler performance quickly, efficiently and safely.

RGL have developed remote control water jet systems which, coupled with jet technology, blast away even the toughest deposits from tube surfaces thus restoring their heat exchange efficiency.

Once cleaned, the steel plates and tubes of economisers, are less susceptible to re fouling. This means cleaning is required less frequently, vastly reducing expensive outages.

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Super heater and finned tube cleaning

Unwanted deposit build-up on finned super heater tubes reduce gas flow which can have a severely negative impact on boiler efficiency. Water jets remove these unwanted deposits quickly and effectively and restore tubes back to original cleanliness levels.

At RGL we pride ourselves on keeping our operators safe. Our boiler cleaning equipment is specified to be remotely controlled outside the boiler thus reducing the hazards when working in confined spaces.

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Furnace cleaning

Ash and fused deposit build up on furnace ceilings and walls create blockages which hamper heat and mass transfer. High Pressure Water Jets are fast and effective at removing these deposits, improving plant efficiency. Even the hardest deposits are removed quickly and safely.

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Refractory Lining Removal

Refractory linings are notoriously difficult to remove. RGL have developed remote control semi- automatic equipment to quickly and safely remove these linings. Using Ultra high Pressure Water Jets avoids damage associated with using percussive tools such as jack hammers, when clearing linings from water walls and tubes banks.

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Refractory Lining Removal

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