Creating the right surface profile using only Ultra High Pressure water.

The correct preparation of a concrete surfaces is essential if maximum adhesion (and therefore durability) of any new coating or repair is to be achieved.

RGL have provided concrete surface preparation services using Ultra High Pressure Water for over four decades and can offer a range of surface finishes to suit customer requirements. The use of UHP water avoids damage/shock to surrounding areas and removes contaminants and chlorides to promote better bonding with new coatings or fresh concrete.

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The application of Ultra High Pressure Water

RGL’s proven techniques are most effective where large surfaces need to be “reprofiled” as it permits the use of semi-automatic equipment incorporating vacuum recovery of both wastewater and debris. This technology has been successfully deployed on bridge decks, in tunnels, roads, walkways and many more.

Whether applied to new concrete or a refurbishment, the result is a surface with a consistent profile to agreed specification which is immediately ready for the next phase of repair or the application of a new surface or coating.



Deep concrete surface preparation or “scabbling” is basically the same process as used for surface preparation but is more intense. It is a very efficient and cost-effective method of exposing the aggregate in concrete if required. This technique is often used to create a roughened surface to provide a “key” to help new coatings, sealants, or further concrete to adhere to the original.

Scabbing is also ideal where extra friction/traction may be required on a concrete surface such as pathways, roadways, warehouses or car park floors.


The Benefits

Water jetting causes no percussive vibration, this means no micro cracks are created and there are zero HAVS issues for operators. A surface prepared by water jet is dust free, chemically clean and free from micro cracks which can cause premature bond failure.

RGL offer both handheld and robotic concrete scabbling, at over 2800 bar. We are able to create a scabbled concrete finish to various profiles and can also remove coatings and dress concrete back to a specified level if required.

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RGL are the UK’s leading interface between water jetting technology and the job to be done.

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