Tank and vessel cleaning

When the need for industrial cleaning, coating and contaminant removal arises we know you need it cleaned quickly and efficiently with a minimal operational downtime. Using a variety of UHP water jetting heads, nozzles and semi-automatic equipment, RGL can eliminate both visible and invisible surface contaminants from most substrates - leaving the surface totally clean, dry, chemical free and ready to resume production.

Tank & Vessel Cleaning

Pipeline cleaning

Imagine the miles of pipe work a manufacturing plant contains. Then think about the twists, turns and 90 degree bends it has. Using our self-propelled pipe cleaning units, we provide one of the most effective and environmentally friendly cleaning methods available.

Removing tough deposits and unblocking process pipes to bring flow rates back to specification avoiding the need for costly replacements. Our array of technology can not only clean and polish, but it is also capable of removing hard to clear obstructions like cement or cutting steel.

Pipeline Cleaning

Heat Exchanger & Tube Bundle Cleaning

Our portable, rigid and flexible UHP lancing systems enable RGL to provide an onsite heat exchanger/tube bundle cleaning service, which cleans effectively no matter the level of fouling.

Heat Exchanger & Tube Bundle Cleaning

Abrasive Water Jet Cold Cutting

We use UHP water to cut into pipelines and storage tanks where it is likely that they contain some residual product which may have created an explosive atmosphere where sparks must be avoided.

Abrasive Water Jet Cutting

Surface preparation

We provide fast and efficient surface preparation of steel structures and pipework ready for coating by others.

The combination of RGL’s fleet of semi-automatic robots and our experienced and knowledgeable staff means we are the perfect partner for surface preparation in hazardous environments.

Harnessing the power of ultra-high-pressure water and our vacuum removal technology for containing waste, leaves the surface clean, dry and ready to have a new coating applied.

No scaffolding, no debris netting, no mess to clean up, no ‘flash’ rust and we even treat the wastewater in an environmentally sensitive way

Steel Surface Preparation

Refractory lining removal

Our remote controlled hydrodemolition process preserves Y anchors/ hex-mesh and avoids the risks associated with the use of jackhammers. Boiler water walls can be cleaned with no risk of piercing. Furthermore, this technology keeps operators outside the confined space whist the refractory removal operations are taking place.

Refractory Lining Removal

Concrete hydrodemolition

Hydrodemolition may be advertised as pretty simple to do, but if you want it done well and in a way that mitigates any harm being done to the environment, you need to choose your contractor carefully.

Hydroblasting / Hydrodemolition is especially effective when you want selective removal, accuracy and no damage being done to the surrounding area. Our solution ensures structural embedments such as rebar, lintels or pipe work remain undamaged.


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