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Refractory Lining Removal


Water jet solutions for refractories

Operators of furnaces, kilns, incinerators, and reactors will be aware of the need to remove refractory linings during a turnaround project. The intense weathering of heat or fire over time will wear away refractory linings and so replacement becomes the only option.

The traditional way to remove old or damaged cementitious refractory lining material has been by use of percussive tools such as jack hammers. This method has many potential safety hazards as well as causing damage to the integrity of the steel structure and the supporting “Y” anchors.

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Safely preserving "Y" anchors and Hexmesh

RGL has developed a purpose-built rig incorporating a remote-controlled water jetting system which can be operated outside and at a safe distance - thus removing the operative from the potential hazards associated with confined space work.

This innovative, proven solution removes the refractory lining but does not damage the integrity of the steel vessels or pipes and preserves the ‘Y’ anchors and Hexmesh.

Our hydrodemolition technique can be used for removing refractory from boiler water walls, leaving the delicate tubes undamaged and perfectly clean ready for re-application of new refractory material. This method is quicker and more cost effective than the jackhammer alternative and reduces overall turnaround times for this critical maintenance task.

To date, RGL have successfully deployed this equipment to remove refractory linings from catalyst regeneration chambers, risers and loop seals, furnaces, incinerators and boilers. The rig can be used for entire lining removal or patch repairs.

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