Refractory removal using Ultra High Pressure Water

Temperature resistant refractory linings applied to the internal surfaces of process equipment can deteriorate over time. When this happens, the old and damaged material needs to be removed so it can be replaced.

Ultra High Pressure Water has proved to be a very effective method of cutting out old refractory material and leaves a surface ready for the application of replacement lining.

RGL uses remotely operated machines which are supported by a scaffold frame mounted on/in the area where the refractory material needs to be removed. Once set up, the operator can control the equipment from a safe distance from the work face.

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Technical advantages

There are many advantages of Ultra High Pressure Water jetting over traditional, percussive equipment (jack hammers etc) :

  • Once the jetting rig is mounted, the jetting team can work from outside the vessel/working area
  • There is no vibration of the structure
  • There is no risk of “HAVS”
  • “Y” anchors and hex mesh are preserved
  • The final surface is ready for replacement material
  • The machinery can be set to remove selected areas of material and leave good/solid refractory in place

Whether as part of a maintenance/turnaround program, decommissioning or a patch repair, Ultra High Pressure Water is a quick, effective and above all, safe way to remove failing refractory material.

RGL are the UK’s leading interface between water jetting technology and the job to be done.

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