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It is well known that drains and pipes have a tendency to “close up” due to the build-up of scale and sludge which restricts flow leading to a slower process speed. This situation can have a major negative effect on the relevant industrial process and therefore start to effect performance.

RGL have dealt with many instances of this type of flow restriction in small diameter pipes (300mm) to those of over 1 meter across. In each case, the restrictions were starting to affect the businesses concerned and quick, efficient, environmentally friendly solutions were required.

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The importance of clean pipes

If pipes and tube bundles play a vital role in your business operations, their cleanliness and maintenance is an essential task that cannot be ignored. Blocked pipes or tubes will inevitably slow down operations and impact plant productivity, fortunately when it does happen, RGL are on hand to help.

Our reliable water jetting solutions will clean your tubes and pipes quickly and thoroughly. Regular cleaning not only removes unwanted deposits and hardened scale, but ensures your equipment can run at full efficiency, removing that risk of a blockage or total breakdown.


Industrial drain and sewer descaling

Over years of service, drains and pipes have a tendency to “close up” due to the build up of calcium scale. RGL have dealt with many instances of this ranging from small diameter pipes (300mm) to over 1 meter. In each, the blockages have caused major disruptions to the businesses concerned and quick solutions are a necessity.

RGL have a range of specialist equipment for tackling this type of problem including a array of specialist nozzles and pumps with flows/pressures to meet the requirements of the job. Should the requirement arise, we can collect the wastewater, and remove large solids before treating to assure its environmentally friendly disposal.

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Negotiate bends and clean hundreds of metres from a single access point

Our Rotoream System is more effective than conventional pipe cleaning equipment as it is capable of cleaning hundreds of meters from a single access point. It is also capable of negotiating multiple bends of various angles. Using the energy from the rotating jetting head and a hose that is automatically rotated as it steers through tight bends, elbows and tee pieces whilst maintaining enough power to remove blockages.

The Rotoream avoids the need for time consuming mechanical intervention, excavating or to split the pipework to create access points therefore, it can also help to reduce operational down time.

Rotoream is suitable for use in almost any environment including those ATEX Zone 0 rated hazardous environments.

Our Rotoream method is detailed below:

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Technical advantages

  • Water jet cleaning is a very effective method of cleaning pipes suitable for removing all types of material.
  • Using our Rotoream enables up to 4 times longer pipe runs to be cleaned than would be possible with conventional pipe cleaning equipment.
  • Steers the cleaning jet and hose through tight bends, elbows and even T-pieces.
  • Safe to use in explosive atmospheres.
  • Minimises the need for costly and time consuming mechanical intervention to split pipe work.

With a range of pump options, various flows and pressures to meet the specific requirements of the job; all our pumps are always kept “refinery ready” and fitted with “Chalwyn” valves, spark arrestors and bolt on earth connections. Furthermore, all our pumps are fitted with certified lifting eyes which allows them to be safely lifted into position if the need arises.

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A blockage that no one else can budge?

Rentajet Group Limited has, for many years, specialised in providing a selection of water jetting solutions to a wide range of industrial sectors. A recent successful project has been to develop an abrasive water jet cold cutting rig which can be pushed up small diameter sewer pipes of 300mm diameter + and then to cut out any metal or concrete obstructions by remote control.

This technology has already been successfully deployed on several major jobs where the only viable alternative was to dig out the pipe and replace it which would have caused major disruption as well as significant cost.

Typical applications

  • Removal or cutting out of any obstruction that cannot be removed using standard drain cleaning methods.
  • Removal/part removal of foundation piles that have penetrated drains/sewers.
  • Where a Larson pile had mistakenly been driven into a 300mm flood plain overflow pipe.
  • Accidental concrete ingress

Obstruction removal by water jet

Once it has been established that the pipe blockage cannot be removed by conventional drain cleaning methods and all the relevant information has been gathered, the RGL team can put together a project plan to provide a suitable rig.

The rig is placed into the pipe/sewer at an appropriate point, hydraulically fixed in place and the UHP cutting nozzles can begin the process of cutting through the obstruction,

Once the cut is completed the obstruction can be removed using conventional jetting methods.

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Technical advantages

  • Ideal when conventional drain cleaning methods fail.
  • Solutions to descale drains and sewers and prevent built up blockages.
  • Bespoke cutting rigs can be deployed into sewer pipes as small as 300mm diameter.
  • Remote operation removes need and avoids the cost and disruption of excavating drains/sewers.
  • Minimises the need for closure of highways, roads and pedestrian areas.
  • Quickly restores drains, pipes and sewers to maximum flow capacity.
  • Supports pipe relining with trenchless technology.
  • Cuts out metal, concrete and hardened or calcified obstructions.

Safety and Environmental advantages

  • RGL equipment is remotely operated from outside the area of blockage.
  • Not having to dig the blockage out avoids hazards associated with open cut trenches – vehicle/pedestrian re-routing.
  • Photographic surveys via robotic camera determine the most effective removal solution
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Case Study

Case Study: Wilkinson Environmental - Drain and Sewer Obstruction Removal of Circular Steel Pile

RGL were tasked with removing a 300mm circular steel pile from inside 375mm diameter clay sewer. With the obstruction lying 20 metres from the nearest access point, it called for an ultra high pressure water jetting solution.

Wilkinson Environmental - Drain and Sewer Obstruction Removal of Circular Steel Pile

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