Internal tank and mixing vessel cleaning

Regular and thorough cleaning of tank/mixing vessels is an essential part of tank husbandry. Whether it is to avoid contamination on product change over, maintaining mixing efficiency or routine inspection it is important that the cleaning gets done quickly, thoroughly and above all, safely.

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Using pressurised water

High/Ultra High Pressure Water is a very effective method of restoring cleanliness to tank internals. In addition to cleaning tank sides, the powerful water jets also effectively clean agitator shafts and blade surfaces. Additionally, there are no chemicals or abrasives used, with the only medium deployed being water, allowing disposal through the tank owner's separator/drainage system.


No man entry options

Over the years, RGL has amassed a range of remotely operated equipment that can be inserted into the tank from outside without requiring the operators to enter the vessel, thus significantly reducing the associated risks. Our 3 dimensional tank cleaning heads are able to direct powerful water jets in all directions enabling them to reach all areas requiring cleaning.

RGL are the UK’s leading interface between water jetting technology and the job to be done.

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