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Demolition and Decommissioning

At RGL we have amassed a portfolio of demolition techniques using ultra-high-pressure water. These techniques offer a safe and effective alternative to more conventional methods such as jackhammers, oxyacetylene cutting or heavy equipment destruction processes.

We offer a range of services to the demolition sector:


Cutting access ways into Nuclear Reactors, Gas Holders and Crude Oil Tanks

RGL provide a range of services that can be deployed when decommissioning a Power Station, Refinery or Production Plant as follows:

  • Cold cutting without heat or sparks in volatile atmospheres, for storage tanks, pipelines and structural steel.
Abrasive Water Jet Cold Cutting

Well head removal

Cutting Well Casings and Conductor Pipes often must be undertaken in challenging conditions.

RGL have tools for internal and external cutting of these structures. We have the capability and have successfully completed cuts through multiple layers, casing diameters and wall thicknesses to remove well heads or redundant tubulars.

Abrasive Water Jet Cold Cutting

Met Mast and Wind Turbine Monopile Decommissioning

RGL have developed a remote control under water cutting tool for Met Mast and Wind Turbine Monopile Decommissioning.

Steel Wall thickness of these structures can be up to 100mm and cutting them has previously proved challenging using conventional techniques such as diamond wire or flame cutting.

Underwater Pile Cutting

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Cold Cutting: Access and Egress Points into Proven Gasworks

Thanks to the intrinsically safe nature of abrasive water jet cold cutting, RGL were able to cut access and egress points into Proven Gasometer to pave the way for its demolition.