Underwater Pile and Monopile cutting

Under Water Pile and Monopile Cutting has become a large and important part of our Service Portfolio. We have tooling in stock for almost all diameters of pile. We normally cut from the inside out, but outside in is also an option if the former is not possible. Normally, using our system means that no diver support is required and thus many of the hazards associated with under water working are removed.

Underwater Pile Cutting

Concrete hydrodemolition

Much of our precision concrete hydrodemolition is undertaken in the marine sector. Ports and Harbours, Dry Docks, Jetties and Mooring Dolphins are just a few of the many structures we perform work on.


Abrasive water jets for underwater cutting

Metal and concrete can be cut under water in one operation. Abrasive Water Jets will cut almost any material known to man, quickly and safely, without creating heat, sparks or vibration.

Abrasive Water Jet Cutting

Coatings removal and surface preparation

Removing coatings or deteriorated concrete prior to re coating is perfectly suited for water jetting. Concrete and steel can be treated with equal success. Steel can easily be prepared to meet BS EN ISO 8501-4 and made ready to accept a range of coatings. These coatings have been specifically designed for application to surfaces which have been prepared using Ultra-High-Pressure Water.

Steel Surface Preparation

Underwater pipeline maintenance

Water Jets work almost as efficiently under water as they do above. We use remote control, semi- automatic robots which are able to deploy our water jets into under water situations. Removal of concrete weight coatings from pipelines is just one of the many cutting applications in which we get involved.

Pipeline Cleaning

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