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Heat Exchanger & Tube Bundle Cleaning


Don't fall foul to your maintenance schedule.

Ultra-high-pressure water jetting is a highly effective, non-destructive method of cleaning Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers, Finfan Heat Exchangers and Condenser Tube Bundles that have become blocked or fouled.

Our rotary, rigid and flexible UHP lancing systems enable us to remove blockages from blocked tubes as well as “polishing” dirty tubes. The system can tackle vertical, horizontal, straight or U-bend bundles with tubes as small as 10mm in diameter.

RGL have multiple teams experienced in Refinery Working and we offer a fully flexible service, operating 24 hours a day and seven days per week if required.

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Stick that in your pipe...

The equipment we use is portable, semi-automatic and operated remotely. This offers an improved level of safety over manual systems. Our equipment, together with our skilled operators and when matched with our high efficiency nozzles mean that exceptional levels of clean are achieved, quickly and safely.

Our Management will work with your Turn Around Team well in advance of the event. We aim to clearly understand the cleaning challenges that are to be faced and prepare accordingly, in good time to ensure we get your plant back into production as quickly as possible.






Safety and Environmental advantages

We have a range of specialist equipment for tackling this type of problem including specialist nozzles, centralisers, winches and vacuum hoppers. These not only enable the pipe to be cleared quickly, but also facilitates the containment and removal of the blockage for its environmentally friendly disposal.

  • The equipment is remotely operated keeping a safe distance between rotating hoses, high pressure jet heads and jetting operatives.
  • Resultant debris can be collected and contained for environmentally friendly disposal.
  • Avoids the need for excavation of the pipe to create access points.
  • Keeps pipes intact therefore reducing the risk of releasing contaminants into the environment.

A fast, safe and thorough clean

There are many advantages of using high pressure water jetting equipment over chemical and other conventional cleaning methods. Where tubing is used for oil-based or chemical products, water jetting delivers a back to bare metal finish, ensuring no remnants are left behind to cause problems.

Quality, speed, and safety are all improved with water jetting systems in use. At RGL we know two jobs are rarely the same, so we continually develop new technology to deliver the most cost-effective cleaning solutions.

With our extensive knowledge, highly qualified and experienced engineers and diligent project management services you can rest assured your next tube and pipe cleaning task is in safe hands.



  • Keep equipment clear of unwanted deposits
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Regular cleaning avoids risk of malfunction
  • Extend tube life
  • Prevent tube failure in heat transfer equipment
  • Increase plant productivity


  • Tube heat exchangers are fragile and expensive – high pressure water is a non-destructive cleaning method which will not damage the wall of the tube.


  • Cleans the heat exchanger tubes back to its original surface and restores both flow capacity and heat transfer to ensure optimum efficiency is regained.

Technical advantages

  • Our systems are pneumatically or hydraulically powered and thus are safe for use in hazardous atmospheres.
  • They are remote controlled and enable the operator to stand at a safe distance thus reducing hazard of working in close proximity to high pressure water jets.

Safety and Environmental advantages

  • Waste by-products created by the cleaning process can be contained if required.
  • Tube cleaning with UHP water jet avoids the risks associated with using toxic/dangerous chemicals such as caustic acid. This method is especially beneficial for tube cleaning in the food industry.

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