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Hydrodemolition or "Hydroblasting" is a concrete removal technique which utilises ultra-high-pressure water to remove unwanted concrete, asphalt, and grout. This process provides an excellent bonding surface for repair material and new coating applications.


Fast, efficient and precise concrete removal

At RGL we specialise on “taking the man away from the job” and have a selection of semi-automatic, hydraulically driven equipment which can be remotely operated. There is always a need for some “hand gunning” works but we try to keep this top a minimum in favour of our remotely operated options.

The method is widely used in the alteration or repair of structures in many industry sectors. It is recognised by many civil engineers, structural engineers and consultants as the safest, most effective, vibration-free method of removing concrete.

RGL have pioneered the introduction of “Ultra High Pressure” water jetting into the hydrodemolition industry and continue to build on our solid reputation that has been developed over the past 35 years.

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Precision Concrete Cutting

In some instances, you may only wish to remove a small area of concrete or conduct Hydroarchaeology where avoiding underlying surfaces and brick work is paramount. Whether you require the cut to be a certain shape or need to protect the surrounding surfaces from damage, UHP water jetting and RGL can offer the perfect solution.

Precision Concrete Cutting

Handheld Hydrodemolition

Where robotic Hydrodemolition isn’t practical, selective concrete removal with a hand lance is a very effective alternative.

Our skilled operators can cut very accurately by hand with the added advantage of being able to get to hard to reach areas where it would be impossible or impractical to deploy our robot technology.

Handheld Hydrodemolition

Robotic Hydrodemolition

Where possible, we would always favour the use of Robotic Hydrodemolition, they are excellent where large areas of concrete need to be removed.

Our robots save time and improve safety by eliminating the labour-intensive use of hand tools and offer faster concrete removal. They keep the operator at a safe distance from the working face and avoid causing micro fractures associated with traditional methods.

Robotic Hydrodemolition

Benefits over percussive tools

  • No risk to the operator of hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) permitting operators to work safely and complete full shifts without harm.
  • The water jetting process leaves steel reinforcement and/or structural embedment undamaged and ready for re-use if required.
  • There is no percussion therefore no risk of damage to other parts of the structure due to vibration or percussive shocks.
  • The “broken edge” left by water jetting has sufficient “key” properties to permit adherence of recast concrete without the need for additional surface preparation.

Technical Advantages

  • Cuts accurately.
  • Creates no percussive noise or vibration.
  • Does not cause micro cracks in the surrounding structure.
  • Does not damage reinforcing steel or cause loosening within the structure.
  • Final surface is ready for bonding with new concrete or coating.

Typical applications

  • Removal of new but substandard concrete.
  • Removal of concrete that has been poured in the wrong place.
  • Removal of existing concrete to create "anchor points" for tying into existing structures e.g., concrete pockets can be accurately cut.
  • Removing concrete where high accuracy is required e.g., near to water/gas mains and high voltage cables.
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Case Study

Case Study: Norwegian Highways Agency - Hydrodemolition of Underwater Bridge Pillars

Underwater Hydrodemolition of concrete on twenty-two 1500mm diameter bridge columns, from below the Crosshead to the Fjord bed level.

Norwegian Highways Agency - Hydrodemolition of Underwater Bridge Pillars

Servicing industries around the world

RGL have successfully completed numerous projects globally and in a diverse range of industrial environments. From the skillset of our operatives to the tools we select for a task. There is no substitute for a contractor with a working experience of your industry and the challenges you face.

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