Safe, efficient and precise concrete removal

Hydrodemolition is a versatile and effective method of breaking concrete, which works by harnessing the power of Ultra High pressure water and focusing the resulting jet on the concrete to be removed. RGL provide both Robotic and Handheld Hydrodemolition services but often employ a combination of both depending on the specific requirements of the job.

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Robotic Hydrodemolition

Robotic Hydrodemolition is deployed when large areas of concrete need to be removed or in areas that are difficult for men to access. The RGL Hydrodemolition robots can be fitted with long reach sections which reduce the need for working platforms or scaffolding. Most robotic equipment can be diesel or electrically powered making it suitable for use in a range of industrial environments.


Hydrodemolition using Handheld lances

Where a high degree of accuracy is required or robot access is not possible, hand held jetting lances offer a safe and effective alternative. Although not as quick as a robot, a hand held lance operated by one of RGL’s experienced staff provides a precise and focused method of concrete removal.


Advantages of Hydrodemolition over traditional percussive methods

A water jet can be focused on the area of concrete to be removed. There is no percussive vibration, and therefore no microcracking in the surrounding structure, nor is there a risk of 'HAVS' to the operator. The process leaves any rebar clean and intact which is particularly cost effective in situations where the removed concrete will be resprayed/replaced.

The water jet breaks the removed concrete into gravel like particles that can be easily removed by mechanical shovel and the water used in the process can be contained, processed and disposed of on site in an environmentally responsible way.

RGL are the UK’s leading interface between water jetting technology and the job to be done.

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