Nuclear power stations

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Wind farms

The majority of our wind farm work is underwater pile cutting and decommissioning of the tubular steel monopiles that support “met masts” and turbines. These have to be cut below seabed level.

RGL's underwater pile cutting technology cuts piles from inside outwards which avoids the need for costly and potentially hazardous underwater excavations around the circumference of the pile. This innovative technology provides an economic and safe alternative to diver-operated processes, whilst minimising environmental harm.

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Biomass Energy

RGL provide a range of services applicable to the biomass energy sector. Most notable being:

  • Refractory lining removal: using a semi-automatic, hydraulically powered, hydrodemolition process keeping the operatives outside the confined space.
  • Heat Exchanger Cleaning / Tube bundle cleaning: Removal of ash and by-product from heat exchangers, economisers and superheaters.
  • Economiser Cleaning
  • Abrasive water jet cold cutting: of steel plant casings in a potentially explosive environment to avoid fire risks posed by traditional methods.
  • Precision Concrete Hydrodemolition: Uncovering buried services in hard ground, or concrete can be fraught with challenges. Using our experience in precisely controlling the water jet nozzle, and incorporating remote control semi-automatic manipulators, we have successfully exposed many types of pipe duct and cable. Whether your challenge is exposing plastic or steel water main, Telecoms ducts, or even HV Cables, don’t be deterred. We may well be able to help.
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Gas fired power stations

  • Abrasive water jet cold cutting: of gas pipelines and gas storage tanks where gas residue is likely and sparks need to be avoided.
  • Surface Preparation: Lead coatings removal and containment prior to maintenance painting of gas holders and pipework.
  • Tube and bundle cleaning: Cleaning of small diameter tube heat exchangers in the gas fired power stations.
  • Concrete Hydrodemolition: Cutting out concrete plant bases/mounting plinths for pumps and electric motors that needed refurbishing or reinforcing. Cutting concrete from around gas pipework and foundations to concrete tank bases, leaving embedded steel pipework intact.
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Hydroelectric and Tidal Energy

With RGL’s unique technical expertise, bespoke tooling, fabrication facilities and years of in-house experience, the company is able to gain a quick understanding of a customer’s requirements. This enables us to design and build bespoke water jetting solutions to your specific requirements.

New technology brings new challenges on which RGL thrives. If you have a project unsuited to traditional cleaning methods or have identified a UHP water jetting requirement within the hydroelectric or Tidal energy sector, we would very much like to hear from you.

  • Concrete Hydrodemolition: using accurate, hand-held cutting lances in proximity to high voltage electric cables avoiding considerable damage that would have occurred to transformers and cable connections if traditional methods (jackhammers) were deployed.
  • Pipeline Cleaning: Removing lime scale and rust deposits in a remote mountain side water feed line to a distillery.
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