Introducing RGL's Services

As Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting Contractors RGL provide a wide variety of services to many different industries.

With over 35 years experience, we have a mountain of knowledge on how to make water jets solve problems that other processes simply can’t fix.

As a consequence, we have pioneered many industry solutions which are cheaper, safer, quicker and more environmentally-friendly than alternative methods. Whatever your requirements are, we have a vast array of pumps, tools and accessories, giving us the capability to precision-cut the hardest materials in some of the most challenging locations.

Our expert crews are located throughout the UK, meaning we are able to offer an accessible, convenient and cost-effective service nationwide.

We have the capability to provide a complete service for planned work on significant, high profile projects as well as smaller jobs, or those requiring an immediate response.


RGL at a glance

We will do our utmost to deliver complete satisfaction to you by:

  • Responding quickly to your enquiries
  • Working with you to fully understand your requirements
  • Preparing detailed task specific methodology, site safety, quality and environmental plans
  • Offering competitive quotations in a timely fashion
  • Where necessary, providing demonstrations or developing custom  tooling for specific applications
  • Delivering on our promises for project start and duration
  • Deploying experienced crews together with reliable and correctly maintained equipment
  • Working within site safety rules and regulations
  • Managing the project environment
  • Managing each project through to completion
  • Always acting fairly