Introducing RGL's Services


As Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting Contractors RGL provide a wide variety of services to many different industries.

Our strength lies in our ability to provide a unique interface between water jetting technology and the job to be done through assessing/understanding the customers task and designing, building and deploying bespoke technical solutions accordingly.

RGL operates successfully both in the UK and internationally and prides itself on delivering a customer’s requirements OTIF (On Time In Full) whilst ensuring the safety of all involved and minimising the environmental impact of their activities

Over the years, RGL has not only built a solid reputation for success but has also gained and developed the in house skills, experience and know how to manage projects from concept stage through to delivery.

If there are any questions regarding what we do, how we do it or how we might be of service, please do not hesitate to make contact.


RGL operates under the following guiding principles:

  • Keeping everyone safe
  • Being honest and ethical
  • Continually minimising and mitigating our environmental impact
  • Delivering customer satisfaction
  • Investing in people enabling them to maximise their potential
  • Being innovative and open minded


RGL at a glance

We will do our utmost to deliver complete satisfaction to you by:

  • Responding quickly to your enquiries
  • Working with you to fully understand your requirements
  • Preparing detailed task specific methodology, site safety, quality and environmental plans
  • Offering competitive quotations in a timely fashion
  • Where necessary, providing demonstrations or developing custom  tooling for specific applications
  • Delivering on our promises for project start and duration
  • Deploying experienced crews together with reliable and correctly maintained equipment
  • Working within site safety rules and regulations
  • Managing the project environment
  • Managing each project through to completion
  • Always acting fairly