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Highways, Rail and Aviation

The use of water jetting in the Highways, Rail and Aviation industries has seen RGL invited to conduct all manner of cutting and surface preparatory work, whether you want a simple paint removal solution for car park floors or safe cutting or cleaning of hazardous jet fuel lines.


Line Marking Removal

Road markings are designed to be permanent but over time boundaries change and it may be necessary to remove the thermoplastic paint or the substrate below the markings may require resurfacing.

RGL’s powerful line removal tools are quick, easy and efficient making them ideal for use on airport runways, in car parks and on pavements – leaving the surface clear and ready for repainting.

Line Marking Removal

Surface Preparation

RGL have developed remotely controlled surface preparation machinery for specific applications on both steel and concrete in an effort to minimise the amount of handheld lance work required to successfully prepare a surface for re-coating. We commonly work with blue chip companies in the civil engineering industry, providing a range of preparatory services such as coatings removal, scabbling and laitance removal.

Surface Preparation

Abrasive cold cutting of pipelines in explosive atmospheres

Airports strive for efficiency in operations, so when aviation fuel pipelines undergo maintenance or repair, option to excavate are limited, that's where RGL come in.

An abrasive water jet will cut through hard materials such as steel without heat or sparks. This means it is safe to use for cutting applications in hazardous atmospheres where there is a risk of fire or explosion - making it perfect for sectioning or cutting into jet fuel pipelines with minimised disruption and maximum safety.

Abrasive Water Jet Cold Cutting

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