Cutting steel piles out of water below bed level without the need for divers

Over recent years, RGL have developed techniques of cutting hollow steel piles below ground or bed level from the inside out using abrasive water jets.

To date, this technology has been successfully deployed in a diverse range of environments such as rivers, estuaries, offshore and on land. Successful projects include the safe cutting of “monopiles”, “met masts” ranging in diameter from 300mm to over 4 meters and many in between.

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Monopile Cut Internally by Abrasive Water Jet

Our remotely-controlled internal pile cutting systems can be operated from pontoons or jack-up barges and do not require the use of divers.

Due to the huge variations in sizes and operating conditions, RGL’s in house design and fabrication teams can manufacture bespoke rigs and associate equipment to suit most requirements.

Please see the schematic below which outlines RGL’s typical pile cutting process from dredging, proving and cutting.

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Typical applications

  • Cutting of circular steel piles from the inside outwards below bed level .
  • Cutting of windfarm monopiles and/or met masts from the inside outwards below bed level .
  • Cutting circular piles from outside in when there is no requirement to cut below seabed.
  • Cutting Sheet “Larsen” piles on jetties, marine terminals and coffer dams.

RGL are the UK’s leading interface between water jetting technology and the job to be done.

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