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Underwater Pile Cutting


Cut steel piles from inside out and below the seabed

RGL has for many years led the field in abrasive water jet cutting but over recent years we have developed the specialty of cutting hollow steel piles underwater from the inside out. This technology has been successfully deployed in a diverse range of environments such as rivers, estuaries, offshore and on land. To date, we have successfully cut off “piles”, “met masts” and “wind turbine supporting monopiles” ranging in diameter from over 4 meters right down to 300mm and many in between.

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Monopile Cut Internally by Abrasive Water Jet

Our remote-control internal pile cutting system enables us to cut off piles below ground or seabed level. This removes the need for divers. Typically, we would operate from pontoons or jack-up barges, but each situation is different and we adapt accordingly.

Due to the huge variations in sizes and operating conditions, RGL’s in house design and fabrication teams can manufacture bespoke rigs and associate equipment to suit most requirements.

Please see the schematic below which outlines RGL’s typical pile cutting process from dredging, proving and cutting.

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Typical applications

  • Internal to external cutting of circular steel piles.
  • Decommissioning windfarm monopiles, met masts etc.
  • Cutting piles from outside in (external rig required) when there is no requirement to cut below seabed.
  • Sheet pile cutting on jetties and marine terminals.

Safety and Environmental advantages

  • All activities are conducted from a solid platform on land, barge or other suitable marine base meaning that no men are required to enter the water.
  • All RGL’s equipment is remotely controlled and can be operated from the solid platform.
  • The garnet cutting media used in the cutting operation is an inert mineral which has no negative impact on the environment.
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Case Study

Case Study: DBB Jack-Up Services - Underwater Pile Cutting of Met Mast Monopiles

RGL were selected by DBB Jack-Up Services A/S to provide underwater pile cutting solutions for the removal of a Monopile from Horns Rev, Offshore Denmark

DBB Jack-Up Services - Underwater Pile Cutting of Met Mast Monopiles

Projects successfully completed

  • North Sea: Meteorological mast; Removal of steel monopile.
  • Ellesmere Port: Wind turbine; Removal of steel monopile.
  • Tilbury Docks: Marine jetty; Removal of hollow tubular steel piles.
  • Bombay Sapphire: Ornamental glass house; Cutting of Larssen sheet piles (300mm below riverbed).
  • River Tyne: Tunnel; Removal of large diameter temporary circular steel piles.
  • Southampton Docks: Marine jetty; Removal of circular steel piles.
  • Canary Wharf: West India Dock; Removal of temporary piles supporting a building.
  • Blythe Wind Farm: removal of two 3.2m diameter piles cutting below seabed level.

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