Obstruction Removal

Using either standard rigs or those designed and built for specific tasks, RGL have successfully removed solid pipe blockages where more standard equipment has previously failed. Each job has it's own challenges but this no dig solution has proved extremely successful in a number of different environments and situations.

Obstruction Removal

Concrete hydrodemolition

Cutting concrete from around water pipes or sewage rising mains, leaving the pipes clean and undamaged. To create apertures in underground concrete pumping chambers and tanks, cutting concrete from around water pipes leaving the pipes in situ and intact. We have even removed concrete from around plastic pipes without damaging them.


Abrasive water jet cold cutting

Cutting into sewage mains where there is a risk of Hydrogen Sulphide or Methane gas causing an explosion. Our Jetnife cold cutting system cuts fast and safely.

Our Pipe Cutting Rigs are set up fast and require minimal space. We can handle virtually any wall thickness and diameter.

Abrasive Water Jet Cutting

Pipeline cleaning

Removing tough deposits including limescale and restoring flow rate through pipework. We help you to avoid the need for costly excavation and replacement of long lengths. We can treat pipes which have multiple bends and of virtually any length and diameter.

Pipeline Cleaning

Tank and vessel cleaning

Using remote controlled equipment makes perfect sense.

Deployed from outside the tank to minimise the time crews must spend in confined and potentially hazardous spaces.

Our 3-dimensional tank cleaning heads are positioned using a boom type positioning device to ensure we reach all areas inside the vessel.

Tank & Vessel Cleaning

Surface preparation

Removal of rubber lining from inside surface of sewage digester.

Removing rubber linings is always challenging. Water jetting offers a fast, safe solution to this troublesome task. Almost any deposits can be removed quickly and safely, leaving a clean substrate on which to apply new coatings. Failure rate of coatings is far reduced which have been applied on water jetted surfaces as it leaves them free from non-visual chemical contamination.

Concrete Surface Preparation

Supplying expert services for expert customers

Great work can only come from great partnerships. Here are just a few of the amazing customers that have challenged us to find a water jetting solution, and we've delivered.


RGL are the UK’s leading interface between water jetting technology and the job to be done.

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