No dig obstruction removal

RGL have developed a range of equipment and methodologies which clear metal and/or concrete obstructions from blocked pipes as small as 95mm in diameter. These no dig technologies have been successfully deployed in a number of situations and have avoided costly excavations and associated disruption.

Specific successful applications to date:

  • Removal of concrete obstructions from pipes of various diameters where standard drain jetting methods have failed.
  • Cutting out of foundation pile sections that have penetrated and blocked/part blocked drains/sewers
  • Cutting out a section of Larson pile from 300mm flood plain overflow pipe and restoring flow
  • Removing blockages/debris from inclinometer tubes without damaging the tube

In each case RGL carried out a full survey and developed bespoke methodology and associated equipment for each application.

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Obstruction removal by water jet

Once it has been established that the pipe blockage cannot be removed by conventional drain cleaning, the correct set up can be selected

An example of this is when a rig is placed into a pipe/sewer, fixed in place and then the UHP cutting nozzles cut through the obstruction.

Once the cut is completed the obstruction can be removed using vacuum.

In other applications conventional jetting methods can be used to remove the obstruction after it have been cut.

RGL are the UK’s leading interface between water jetting technology and the job to be done.

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