Tank, Vessel and Column Cleaning

Overview: Tank and Vessel Cleaning by Water Jet

The problems caused by build up of contamination on vessel sides, agitator shafts and blade surfaces can be a major one. Product build up can have a negative impact on plant efficiency, create a risk of downstream contamination and render the mixing equipment difficult to service or repair. Regularly cleaned and maintained vessels can result in faster batch runs and thus greatly improve productivity.

RGL have a wide selection of remotely controlled equipment. This equipment cleans tanks and vessels but keeps the operational staff on the outside so they do not need to enter into these confined spaces. This offers a significant risk reduction to this potentially hazardous task.

Our high pressure (up to 1500bar) water tank cleaning heads rotate on their own axis, equipped with jetting arms which also rotate, ensuring the that the powerful water jets can reach all areas within the vessel.

The equipment is deployed into the vessel through existing access ways or flanged openings . This system cleans all areas of the vessel, even around shafts and seal/bearing housings.

Overview: Tank Lining Removal

Tank linings are usually extremely durable being made of materials such as resins, fibre glass and cementitious mortars. They can be extremely difficult and time consuming to remove using mechanical chipping hammers or abrasive blast cleaning equipment. This gave RGL a reason to develop alternative methods which harness the power of  high or ultra- high pressure water.

We have a range of remotely operated equipment which can remove a the bulk of the lining and we finish the difficult to reach areas by hand lance. In each case the surface finish produced by water jetting is often ideal for application of replacement coatings.

Overview: Vessel and Column Cleaning with HP and UHP Water Jetting

Our High and Ultra High-pressure water jetting equipment will clean Vessels and Columns to the highest standards. With RGL’s technology, cleaning is executed safely, efficiently, cost effectively and in an environmentally considerate manner. Wherever possible we use remote control semi-automatic equipment which allow operators to remain at a safe distance and away from the hazards associated with water jetting and confined space working.


  • Non Man Access applications.
  • Remote Control Vessel and column Cleaning.
  • Cleaning of internal Baffles, Agitators and Heating Coils.
  • Remote control cleaning of Tower Trays.
  • Coke Removal.
  • Catalyst Removal.
  • Rasher Ring Blockage Removal.
  • In-Situ Horizontal and vertical Heat Exchanger Cleaning.
  • UHP Jetting of tube internals for IRIS inspection to standard.
  • Every type of contamination

RGL offer a wide range of semi-automatic High Pressure and Ultra High-Pressure industrial cleaning methods for Oil Refinery Applications. We have solutions for almost every cleaning task. Continuous innovation has made RGL a first choice for Oil Refinery Water Jetting Services.


  • The Largest Fleet of the latest UHP Pump Units in the UK
  • High Flow High Pressure Pumps for heavy contamination removal.
  • Portable semi-automatic 3 Dimensional Cleaning Heads
  • Surfaces can be cleaned to NDT/IRIS inspection standard.
  • Excellent cleaning results by means of the latest flow efficient Rotating Nozzle Technology.
  • Remote Control (Non Man Entry) Vessel and Column Cleaning Heads and Mechanical Deployment Booms.
  • Remote Control Pipeline Blockage Removal Equipment copes with multiple bends (Rotoream)


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  • The cyclic action ensures the water jets hit every part of the internal surface.
  • Product removal from behind baffles.
  • Coils and paddles are cleaned simultaneously.
  • No need to gas free the vessel.
  • No confined space entry for men using water jets.
  • Effluent is contained and not brought outside the vessel on PPE or through footfall.
  • Waste product and cleaning water can be contained, filtered and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Each tank/vessel clean presents different challenges – whether it’s the size, shape, access, material or environment. However our method involves deploying a 3D cleaning head system which, due to its unique 360° 3 dimensional rotation, ensures all areas of the surface inside the tank or vessel are reached.

The high or ultra high pressure pump unit is connected and the operator controls the system via remote control console.

Any waste created can be collected via vacuum tanker or transferred via our portable vacuum collection system.

Conventional tank and vessel cleaning by men using handheld tools is highly hazardous, slow and ineffective in comparison.

Some previously uncleanable vessels are now possible to undertake quickly and safely using our techniques.


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