Industrial Boiler and Economiser Cleaning

Boiler tubes showing refractory removed by water jet

Boiler tubes showing refractory removed by water jet

Overview: Water Jet Boiler and Economiser Cleaning

Ultra high pressure water jetting is a safe and effective method of removing ash and slag deposits from Boiler Economisers and Super Heaters.

At RGL we have developed portable remote control systems for cleaning tube banks and Economisers. Our experienced teams of operators ensure each job is delivered effectively and a high quality clean is achieved, restoring heat transfer efficiency.

The portable light weight nature of our equipment means it can be set up quickly ready to begin work, reducing overall outage time. Our High Pressure Water Jetting Units are optimised to offer the ideal combination of pressure and flow, which means that the highest possible level of clean is achieved with very low water consumption; making them a great option for furnance cleaning.

RGL offer fast response mobilisation and our equipment can be deployed around the Globe quickly by Road, Rail Sea or Air.


A build-up of Ash, Slag and Soot drastically reduces Boiler efficiency.

Water Jetting is an extremely fast and effective way of removing these deposits from Super Heaters, Economisers and Tube Banks.

Boiler Economizer Cleaning:

RGL have developed clever, remote control water jet systems which blast away even the toughest deposits from tube surfaces thus restoring their heat exchange efficiency. Once cleaned, the steel plates and tubes of economisers are less susceptible to re fouling, meaning cleaning is required less frequently, vastly reducing lost revenue associated with expensive outages on power generating plants.

Super Heater and Finned Tube Cleaning:

Soot and rust deposit build up on finned super heater tubes reduce gas flow.

Clear gas path is fundamental to boiler efficiency. Water jets remove rust, soot and ash deposits fast and offer near perfect levels of cleanliness.

At RGL we use semi-automatic, water blasting nozzles, developed in house, which are remotely controlled by operators who remain outside the Boiler, thus removing them from the associated hazards of working in confined spaces.

Furnace Cleaning:

Ash and fused deposit build up on furnace ceilings and walls create blockages which hamper heat and mass transfer. High Pressure Water Jets are fast and effective at removing these deposits, improving plant efficiency. Even the hardest deposits are removed quickly and safely.

Boiler Tube Bank Cleaned by Water Jet

Boiler Tube Bank Cleaned by Water Jet


Refractory Lining Removal:

Refractory linings are notoriously difficult to remove. RGL have developed remote control semi- automatic equipment to quickly and safely remove these linings. Using Ultra high Pressure Water Jets avoids damage associated with using percussive tools such as jack hammers, when clearing linings from water walls and tubes banks.

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