Power Generation and Renewable Energy

oil exploration and water jetting servicesRGL have a wealth of experience within the renewable energy sector successfully delivering services which include underwater pile cutting and hydro demolition works:

Wind Farms

The majority of our wind farm work is underwater pile cutting and decommissioning of the tubular steel piles that support “met masts” and turbines which have to be cut below sea bed level.

The RGL underwater pile technology cuts piles from inside outwards which avoids the need for costly and potentially hazardous underwater excavations around the circumference of the pile. This innovative technology provides an economic and safe alternative to diver-operated processes whilst minimising environmental harm.

There are few dimensional standards to the piles RLG have decommissioned of previous years and we often have to manufacture bespoke rigs for specific diameters and situations.  To date, RGL have successfully cut piles under water up to 4.2 meters in diameter with wall thickness of 60+mm in depths of up to 50 meters.


oil exploration and water jetting services


RGL also have experience of providing services such as:

Biomass Energy

RGL provide a range of services applicable to the biomass energy sector. Most notable being:

oil exploration and water jetting services

Hydroelectric & Tidal Energy

With RGL’s unique technical expertise, fabrication facilities and years of in house experience, the company is able to gain a quick understanding of a customer’s requirements and design and build a bespoke water jetting solutions accordingly.

New technology brings new challenges on which RGL thrives. If you have a project unsuited to traditional methods or have identified UHP water jetting requirement within the hydroelectric or Tidal energy sector we would very much like to hear from you.

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