Precision Hydrodemolition.

Why use UHP Water Jet Hydrodemolition?

Quite often civil engineering companies are faced with the challenge of removing or modifying precast concrete.  With this type of task you require efficiency, accuracy, and safety; something that we pride ourselves on providing to all clients.

Precision hydrodemolition is possibly the most versatile, advanced method to remove defective concrete whilst protecting and preserving the steel reinforcement.

On many occasions, precision jetting has allowed RGL to provide clients with solutions that minimise damage to surrounding concrete whilst leaving the area clean and ready to apply the new materials.

handheld hyrdodemolition
  • Hydrodemolition has the following advantages over traditional demolition methods.
  • Limited noise pollution
  • Reduced dust pollution
  • Cost-effective
  • Time-effective
  • No microfractures in the remaining structure
  • Creates a high-quality bonding surface
  • Precise concrete removal
  • No damage to reinforcement bar
  • No Vibration / HAVs concerns

Bearing replacement hydrodemolition.

One of our ongoing contracts is with one of the UK port authorities. The project involves a series of six piers with twin stubs supporting an overhead roadway.  Each stub is fitted with an elastomeric bearing which requires routine replacement and meant 4.6m3 of concrete needed to be removed from each pier to access the bearing.

Continuous port activity and the bearings being situated below the road deck, meant RGL faced the added challenge of working in an extremely enclosed space.

Precision cutting could have saved time, money and customer inconvenience

We were recently engaged to rectify damage created to the concrete floors of a multi-story car park.

Unfortunately, traditional methods had already been deployed which resulted in the unnecessary destruction of the surrounding “good” concrete and significant damage to the exposed reinforcing bars which all had to be replaced.

Deploying a UHP precision Hydrodemolition teams to the location, using 2800 bar hand-held safety lances, the concrete was removed from around the original excavation exposing the damaged reinforcing bars.

Water jetting allowed the reinforcing bars and surrounding area to be cleaned of any concrete leaving the area ready to repair and where required replace.

Fortunately, in this case the concrete lintel just below the surface had been left reasonably undamaged by the previous works.

Precision Hydrodemolition – Efficient, Versatile, Accurate and Safe.

The results of UHP hydrodemolition can seen quite clearly in the two images. Prefect clean cuts with no damage to the reinforcement bars.