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High and Ultra High Water Jetting Services



Abrasive water jet cold cutting introduces an abrasive grit into an ultra-high-pressure stream of water, travelling at over twice the speed of sound. Safe to operate in explosive or volatile atmospheres, the process makes short work of cutting almost hard material, and leaves a smooth, clean, cut finish.

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Hydrodemolition is the breakage and removal of unwanted concrete using ultra high-pressure water. This process provides a very localised jet of UHP water which facilitates accurate demolition without damaging re-bar or surrounding structure(s).

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Surface Preparation

Our surface preparation technique uses ultra-high-pressure water to efficiently remove coatings, contamination and corrosion from steel and concrete. The process uses clean potable water which can be contained using our vacuum recovery system, leaving behind a clean, dry, rust-free surface.

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High-pressure water jetting is a highly efficient and safe method of cleaning tanks, pipelines and many other industrial installations. RGL's range of nozzles and associated centralisers/rigs can be used to clear blockages, remove old product, rust, limescale and more, restoring an efficient flow.

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