Petrochemical, Oil and Gas

RGL have extensive experience of providing ultra-high pressure water services to refineries both in the UK and abroad. We ensure that our fleet of pumps are always “refinery ready” and fitted with “Chalwyn” valves, spark arrestors and bolt on earth connections. Furthermore, all our pumps are fitted with certified lifting eyes which allows them to be safely lifted into position if the need arises.

UHP water jetting in petrochemical refineryOur Services include:

  • Spark Free water jet cutting into storage tanks, pipe lines and structural steel in volatile atmospheres where other methods pose a risk of ignition.
  • Coatings removal and surface preparation for storage tanks and other steel structures without the necessity of scaffolding or abrasive.
  • Refractory lining removal using a remote controlled hydrodemolition process which preserves Y anchors/ hex-mesh and avoids the risks associated with the use of jackhammers. Furthermore, this technology keeps operators outside the confined space whist the refractory removal operations are taking place.
  • Process pipeline cleaning through straight sections, T junctions or multiple bends to remove slurry, rust, limescale, marine growth and/or failed protective coatings.
  • Heat exchanger cleaning to unblock and clean tubes to a very high standard.
  • Tank and vessel cleaning using remote control jetting equipment keeping the operatives at a distance to the jet.


RGL are committed to ensuring the health and safety of their employees and are fully conversant with refinery processes and practices. We have assisted many companies during their shutdown or turnaround by delivering services on time, within budget and safely.



oil exploration and water jetting services

Exploration Sites

For exploratory drilling sites we have provided the service of cleaning drill tubes which are contaminated with Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (N.O.R.M) hydrocarbons, mud and scale. UHP water jetting is the is the ideal medium for this type of work as it removes all traces of contaminant from all types of tubes.

For this specialist work RGL pioneered a capability comprising of an ultra-high pressure water jetting system complete with a waste containment capability, all mounted in ISO containers. The Unit could handle internal and external cleaning of tubes of most lengths and diameters.

This system can be recreated at short notice and set up on a client’s site avoiding the necessarily to transport potentially hazardous “N.O.R.M. carrying” tubes and returning any natural contaminants back to their source.