Petrochemical & Oil Refining

RGL has amassed extensive experience of providing critical maintenance services for many UK and international refineries using ultra high pressure water jetting techniques. This has enabled us to constantly develop our services for this sector and create better solutions that are safer, cleaner and more cost effective than conventional maintenance routines.

UHP water jetting in petrochemical refineryOur services for the petro-chemical industry include:

  • Cold cutting without heat or sparks: Cutting into storage tanks, pipe lines and structural steel in volatile atmospheres
  • Coatings removal and surface preparation for storage tanks and other steel structures – no need for abrasive blast cleaning, scaffolding or sheeting
  • Refractory lining removal using a remote controlled hydrodemolition process which preserves Y anchors/ hex-mesh and avoids the risks associated with the use of jackhammers in confined spaces
  • Process pipeline cleaning through straight sections, T junctions or multiple bends to remove slurry, rust, limescale, cementitious lining, marine growth or failed protective coatings
  • Heat exchanger cleaning to unblock tubes that are choked with the hardest material
  • Tank and vessel cleaning using remote control jetting equipment

So what are the other benefits of using RGL’s services?

  • RGL clearly understand the challenges faced by ‘Turnaround Groups’ in implementing critical maintenance tasks within very tight timescales – we have an excellent track record in deploying the appropriate crew, plant and equipment to complete tasks within specified timeframes
  • We understand the constraints of delivering water jetting and cleaning services in an oil refinery and will fully comply with your specification through agreed methodology and programme to deliver a safe and effective service
  • Expert crews and High specification equipment – we probably have the most experienced, productive crews. These are deployed via a cost-effective national network located throughout the UK
  • Constant focus on health and safety to ensure the safety of our crews