Food & Drink Manufacturing

food and drink tank maintenance with water jetting servicesMost food and drink production plants have planned outages and breakdowns but conventional maintenance routines or interventions often do not overcome the problems associated with blocked pipes or heat exchangers that are running well below full effectiveness.

RGL has worked with chocolate, snack and biscuit manufacturers, dairy product processors, distilleries and soft drinks producers throughout the UK and applied UHP water jetting to solve some tricky Cleaning challenges.

Here are a few examples:

Heat exchangers

Heat exchangers slowly become less efficient because of the build-up of product or by-product. They need careful cleaning because they are fragile and expensive. Drilling or mechanical cleaning techniques can deform or even split the tubes. The use of chemical cleaning is very often not an option in a food production environment. UHP water jetting using just potable water is therefore a very practical solution to these problems.

We can either clean heat exchangers on site or we can provide facilities for accepting and cleaning exchangers at our head office in Southampton – usually with a very fast turnaround to keep outages to a minimum.

Some of our toughest challenges to date:

  • Removal of Hard, caramelised burnt on milk in vertical stainless steel heat exchangers used for making UHT milk, soft cheeses and other dairy products.
  • Clearing vertical tubes in an heat exchanger column, fully blocked with lime scale.

Tube and pipe networks

Our Rotoream™ pipeline cleaning machine is often deployed to clean long lengths of production pipeline with multiple bends, usually where a blockage has occurred or there has been a mechanical malfunction.

One of our soft drink manufacturers asked us to overcome the problem of a failed seal which had let food grade grease into a very long and complicated production ring main. Our specialist equipment was able to remove all traces of the grease to leave a perfectly clean inner tube.

Another client did not want to access the pipe network over their food production areas and our Rotoream™ machine was able to clear the blockage from a maintenance point outside the production area – once again this involved negotiating long lengths of pipes with multiple bends.