precision demolition by water jettingWe offer contractors a range of innovative and cost effective concrete and steel cutting services to overcome some of the more difficult challenges involved in undertaking demolition contracts – usually where conventional demolition techniques such as jackhammers, oxyacetylene cutting or heavy equipment destruction processes are not suitable.

Our services involve the use of specialist hydro-demolition interventions to enable the contractor to complete their task quickly and effectively.

Typical applications include:

  • Making cuts to detach adjacent buildings which are tied together. This avoids the damaging structural consequences of vibration transfer from jackhammers. It also avoids unacceptable percussive noise transfer too sensitive buildings such as offices, hospitals, hotels theatres etc
  • Making clean, precision cuts where access is very difficult or problematic e.g. underwater and below bed pile cutting in marine environments or inside underground steel pipelines
  • Undertaking cold cutting on sites where gas, oil or other combustible materials have been involved and which constitute a fire risk from demolition processes involving heat or sparks.
  • Removal of concrete casings to enable flame cutting of steel structure to be undertaken.
  • Removal of surface coatings which may be poisonous containing i.e. lead; chlorine
  • Removal of radioactive contamination from steel surfaces. We removed IRO 60microns of material which then allowed normal demolition processes to be carried out.
  • Cutting in close proximity to sensitive equipment
  • Cutting of exceptionally thick materials e.g. metals up to 600mm in thickness

Whatever the challenge we’ve got the plant, people and expertise to provide innovative solutions irrespective of size or complexity of the demolition contract.

With wide ranging experience of working with some of the biggest names in demolition you can be confident that our methodology, work sequence and productivity levels will ensure that the project will be completed within agreed time periods.