Civil Engineering

RGL has built up a team of professionals who have a huge amount of experience gained from many different types of civil engineering project. Over the last 30 years we have worked on thousands of projects – large and small – for most of the UK’s top civil engineering contractors. With that in mind,  there are not many tasks we haven’t already handled. Whatever industry you’re in and however bizarre or difficult your request might be, RGL Services will be able to handle it with no huge issues.

To give you an idea of just how many different areas we’ve dealt with, consider that we have vast experience in working with tunnels, roads, railways, bridges, airport terminals, hospitals, power stations, water treatment works, oil refineries, nuclear establishments and many more. You name the sector and you can be sure that RGL Services has built up a huge amount of knowledge and experience.


We can remove concrete from various places and for different reasons including:

  • If it’s in the wrong place or is the wrong strength
  • To allow tying into new structures
  • To preserve expensive steel embedments
  • To fix salt and chemical damage
  • Underwater with robotic remote control


We can use high pressure water jets to unblock pipes and tackle problems like:

  • Concrete blockages without damaging the pipe wall
  • Cutting out roots or removing limescale
  • Cutting out steel obstructions from within the pipes
  • Clearing pipes that have multiple bends
  • Sending our nozzles over 500m from the access point if required


We can prepare concrete, steel or stone surfaces by:

  • Scabbling concrete quickly without causing vibration or dust
  • Removing coatings and waterproofing
  • Containing and recovering waste by powerful vacuum


We can cut steel with our ultra high pressure abrasive water jets without using heat or spark to manage:

  • Cutting circular piles underwater
  • Cutting sheet piles underwater
  • Cutting cast iron or cast steel water and sewage pipes


So what are the other benefits of using RGL’s services?

We use expert crews and high specification equipment. When you team that with some of the most experienced and productive crews in the UK, you can be sure that you’re in good hands. Our entire team is focused on health and safety to ensure the well-being of all persons and the environment and we have a cost-effective, nationwide network located throughout the UK. 

RGL Services also has the resources to respond to both your planned and emergency hydrodemolition needs, so you don’t need to panic if something comes up at the last minute. Our excellent management of the project environment will ensure that there are no issues along the way. We produce innovative tooling and, coupled with the latest plant, RGL Services is one of the leading hydrodemolition experts in the industry. Our equipment is thoroughly maintained and prepared for each and every job, putting your mind at rest. If you’re still not sure why RGL is the right company for you, please give us a call to find out how we can help you today.