Wind Farms

water jetting for power stations

Due to our proven track record in pile cutting and removal, RGL was invited to provide expertise and machinery for UK’s first ever decommissioning of a wind farm at the Blyth Offshore Wind Farm a mile off the coast of Northumberland.

RGL were tasked with designing, fabricating and deploying a rig which could be lowered into the 3.2 meter diameter pile and cut it circumferentially (inside to outside) below sea bed level without deploying divers.

To complicate matters, the pile was fitted with “grout tubes” and old cabling which needed to be removed to allow the main cutting rig to pass far enough down the pile. To solve this, RGL designed and built a remotely operated rig that successfully performed this task to allow the full cutting operation to proceed.

Despite the pile having 50mm steel walls, 200mm of grout and the cuts being made under water, the RGL cutting rig successfully carried out the complete circumferential cut within 8 hours, well within the 24 hour time window available.
Furthermore, the company went on to cut a second, identical pile on the same visit and within the same time scale conclusively proving the reliability of the equipment and robustness of the process.

Since then, RGL has been involved in several on/off shore ventures successfully dredging and cutting piles and “met masts” sized from as little as 300mm diameter to our biggest so far which is just over 4 meters across. To date we have been 100% successful with each new project providing a valuable opportunity to analyse and improve our methodology and custom built plant to ensure projects are completed safely, on-time, within budget whilst minimising environmental impact.

Refinery & Production Plants

RGL provide a range of services that can be deployed when decommissioning a Refinery or Production Plant as follows:

water jetting for power stations

  • Cold cutting without heat or sparks into storage tanks, pipe lines and structural steel in volatile atmospheres
  • Process pipeline cleaning through straight sections, T junctions or multiple bends to remove slurry, rust, limescale, cementitious lining or failed protective coatings
  • Specialist concrete hydrodemolition.

Offshore Oil & Gas

  • Cold cutting without heat or sparks into storage tanks, pipe lines and structural steel in volatile atmospheres

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