Pipeline Cleaning


Pipeline blockage removed using UHP water jetting

This is an innovative method of using high pressure water jetting to clean process pipelines of restrictions or blockages. Material such as scale, sludge and redundant linings can also be removed.

Our Rotoream technology is capable of cleaning hundreds of meters from a single access point and can successfully negotiate multiple bends.

Rotoream is suitable for use in almost any location including hazardous atmospheres. This device enables a rotating hose to travel long distances inside pipes, drainage systems and outlets which are over 50mm internal diameter. This clever technology uses the energy from the rotating jetting head to negotiate bends in pipes whilst having enough power to blast away obstructions and flush the unwanted material out.

  • Enables far longer pipe runs to be cleaned; around 4-5 times that of conventional pipe cleaning equipment.
  • Steers through tight bends, elbows and even tee pieces.
  • Suitable for removing soft or hard materials.
  • Will not damage host pipe.
  • Avoids the need for costly and time consuming mechanical intervention to split pipe work.
  • Operators are remote from rotating hoses and high pressure jet heads.
  • Semi-automatic operation means a far reduced likelihood of muscular/skeletal strain.
  • Avoids the need for excavation of the pipe to create access points.
  • Avoids release of contamination into the environment.

Removal of:

  • Cement linings from water mains
  • Epoxy coatings
  • Radioactive material (nuclear)
  • NORM removal (naturally occurring radioactive material)
  • Rubber deposits
  • Lime scale
  • Resins
  • Concrete from drains
  • Coke from boilers and furnace tubes
  • Food products
  • Oil and other hydrocarbons including wax
  • HDPE and cured in place pipe linings

A high pressure jetting unit with a performance of 125-250lpm flow @ 1000 -1500 bar working pressure is used in conjunction with steel braid reinforced multi-spiral hoses which prevents ‘pig tailing’. The jetting unit has a diesel engine and integral water tank. It is generally truck mounted and is thus fairly portable.

Rotoream comprises a portable trolley device about the size of a shopping trolley. This unit requires either hydraulic or pneumatic power to drive the hose rotation motor. There is a separate directional control unit which provides the control of hose rotation and advance/retraction rate.

The high pressure hoses are coupled to the jetting unit and through the Rotoream™ unit.

Advance rate of the hoses are decided and controlled by the lead operator and are dependent of the following:

  • Pipe diameter
  • Product inside the pipe
  • Length of pipe
  • Number and type of bends
  • Whether the pipe is horizontal or vertical

To our knowledge there are no other methods available with the capacity of length and cleaning power of this high pressure water jetting technique.

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