Storage tank cleaning and surface preparation using remote controlled technology.

Five questions for operators of large storage tanks

  • Do your storage tanks have paint or rust that needs removing?
  • Are they in a potentially hazardous or explosive environment?
  • Do you need a finished surface you can paint straight on to?
  • Do you need the debris created safely contained?
  • Will you need expensive scaffolding to complete the job?
limpet on floating tank roof

If the answer to any of these questions is YES then get in touch, we have the solution!

Almost all types of deteriorated coatings and corrosion can be removed using UHP water jetting at pressures of 2800 bar and above (over 40,000 psi).

The RGL ‘Limpet Crawler’ is ideal for removing; rust, paint, lead primers, oil, tank Linings, grease, bitumen, epoxies, salts and non-visual contaminants to provide long lasting corrosion protection and has the added advantage of collecting and containing debris as it is removed


Limpet using ultra high pressure water for surface preparation
Limpet using ultra high pressure water for surface preparation

At RGL, we use remote controlled ‘limpet crawler’ technology to clean and prepare the surface without the need for extremely expensive scaffolding. Using strong suction, the limpet holds itself onto the vessel and can work horizontally, vertically or even upside down.

We ensure that our fleet of pumps are always “refinery ready” and fitted with “Chalwyn” valves, spark arrestors and bolt on earth connections. All our pumps are fitted with certified lifting eyes which allows them to be safely lifted into position if the need arises

No abrasive is used, thus avoiding any damage to the substrate and leaves the surface clean and ready for immediate repainting.


  • Spark Free water jet cutting into storage tanks, pipe lines and structural steel in volatile atmospheres where other methods pose a risk of ignition.
  • Coatings removal and surface preparation for storage tanks and other steel structures without the necessity of scaffolding or abrasive.
  • Refractory lining removal using a remote controlled hydrodemolition process which preserves Y anchors/ hex-mesh and avoids the risks associated with the use of jackhammers. Furthermore, this technology keeps operators outside the confined space whist the refractory removal operations are taking place.
  • Process pipeline cleaning through straight sections, T junctions or multiple bends to remove slurry, rust, limescale, marine growth and/or failed protective coatings.
  • Heat exchanger cleaning to unblock and clean tubes to a very high standard.
  • Tank and vessel cleaning using remote control jetting equipment keeping the operatives at a distance to the jet.
Limpet using ultra high pressure water for surface preparation

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