Surface Preparation - Concrete

Scabbling and Laitance removal


Surface preparation you can build upon

Concrete scabbling is a safe and efficient method of exposing the aggregate in concrete, creating a roughened surface on to which, coatings, sealants, adhesives or further concrete may be applied.

Scabbing is also ideal where extra friction/traction may be required on a concrete surface such as pathways, roadways, warehouses or car park floors.

No percussive vibration is caused by water jetting. This means no micro cracks are created and there are zero HAVS issues for operators. A surface prepared by water jet is dust free, chemically clean and free from micro cracks which can cause premature bond failure.

RGL offer both handheld and robotic concrete scabbling, at over 2800 bar. We are able to create a scabbled concrete finish to various profiles. We can also remove coatings and dress concrete back to a specified level if required.

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Achieve the profile you need without the clean-up issues.

Various degrees of profile can be achieved, depending on site specific requirements and the type of substrate being treated.


Handheld Scabbling

  • Ideal for smaller surface areas and harder to reach places.
  • Leaves a chemically clean surface.
  • Uses only water - no waste abrasive media to dispose of.
  • Vibration free method (no micro cracking of substrate or damage to surrounding areas).
  • No HAVS risks for operators.

Looking for concrete removal rather than surface preparation?

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Robotic Scabbling

  • Most suitable for larger areas.
  • 3 x faster than the handheld lance method.
  • Remote controlled robotic application.
  • Operators stand away from away from the equipment which avoids the hazards associated with water jetting.
  • No requirement for a full encapsulation vastly reduces cost.
  • Reduced noise pollution.
  • A consistent, uniformed finish.
  • Controlled management of waste.
Robotic Hydrodemolition

Robotic concrete scabbling is used for large surface areas. The robotic semi-automatic unit gives excellent control and a consistent finish.

The operator can maintain very close control of nozzle stand-off distance and traverse speed, delivering scope for varying levels of roughness to the scabbled finish.

For robotic concrete scabbling our "Limpet" blast heads are used which incorporate vacuum recovery. As a surface is prepared, the system simultaneously recovers the waste and water. This is a huge advantage with regards to environmental control and where water spray is an issue, such as when working in public spaces.

Noise is also vastly reduced as the water jets are contained under a shroud. A brush skirt helps to further control water spray and allows the system to cope with uneven surfaces.

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