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Line marking removal


Cleaning without a trace

The objective of the road marking removal is to eradicate the old markings without damaging the road itself. If line markings are not completely obliterated, traces can remain and confuse motorists and potentially cause accidents.

If you're looking for a way to remove paint from surfaces like roads or pavements, RGL’s UHP water jetting systems for line marking removal have the answer.

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Safety and Environmental advantages

  • Minimal surface impact - suitable for use on all types of road surfacing material
  • Remote operated systems ensure no personnel are required to work on the carriageway
  • Environmentally friendly – no harsh chemicals used, just clean water
  • Wastewater can be captured, contained, cleaned and recycled to remove risk of contamination
  • No harmful gases or chemicals released into environment
  • Limited noise pollution
  • Reduced dust pollution - harmful dust like silica is trapped within the water which can be filtered and reused.

Road markings are designed to be permanent but over time boundaries change and it may be necessary to remove the thermoplastic paint or the substrate below the markings may require resurfacing.

RGL’s powerful line removal tools are quick, easy and efficient making them ideal for use on airport runways, in car parks and on pavements – leaving the surface ready for repainting.

If you want to remove lane markings and are looking for a solution, RGL have the answer. Get in touch today.

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