Innovations & Custom Tooling Briefing Guide

Briefing Guide: Innovations & Custom Tooling

Things to consider when deciding if RGL will be able to provide Custom Tooling or an Innovative Solution to your challenge.

  • Once you have considered the following, please complete the appropriate task specific enquiry form in the resource section of our web site.
  • A good supply of potable water is required (Ideally a fire hydrant – for applications using water pressure up to 1000 bar we are able to use process grade water) 1.5 – 12 cubic meters per hour.
  • A suitable area for laydown of plant at the work area (Van and trailer combination or truck options are typically 10m in length)
  • Waste water disposal: Normally after filtration to remove majority of solids, the water is pumped to effluent plant or taken away to licenced disposal point.
  • Our Plant is diesel driven and as such requires a well-ventilated area in which to operate.
  • Our diesel engine pump units are fitted with spark arrestor and chalwyn valve, suitable for use in Oil Refinery or other installations where volatile atmosphere may exist.
  • Our Plant should ideally be positioned adjacent to the work face. It may however be operated remotely over 100m from the work face under special circumstances.