Industrial Equipment Cleaning


Concrete Mixer Drum Cleaning

Using only water, RGL is able to clean industrial equipment like Drum mixers, Skid-mounted Agitators, Dumpers, Pipes, Trunking and Chutes often to a better standard than companies that use environmentally-damaging detergents and chemicals.

Safety is priceless, we recognise that keeping mixers clean on the inside without entering the drum removes the risk to the operator. Via the use of our handheld and remote-controlled water jetting machinery, you no longer need to run the risk of working in a confined space or being exposed to falling debris and respiratory dangers associated with respirable dangers like silica.

Water at high pressure is capable of breaking concrete, so if the service is not delivered by professionals there can be a high risk of damage to the equipment being cleaned. With RGL you can rest assured we only deploy professionally qualified staff to your site, and as members of the Water Jetting Association, the safest practices are at the core of our operations.

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Auger Cleaning

With over 35 years of experience working on busy construction sites, we know how routine cleaning tasks can get overlooked and create big problems for critical machinery like Augers. On a number of occasions, we have helped customers to remove hardened concrete plugs from the central filling tube of an Auger. Typically after use, the concrete feeder pipe is flushed clean, however, when this task is missed it can render machinery out of action until the blockage is cleared.

Our handheld lances and water jetting systems make light work of hardened concrete in pipes and tubes, making it the ideal solution to these onsite hiccups. As a build-up on the bore can also cause the auger to blunt, we can ensure the bore is fully cleaned at the same time, restoring full efficiency.

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