Surface preparation you can build on

Concrete Scabbling by water jet just makes sense

Concrete scabbling is a safe and efficient method of exposing the aggregate in concrete, creating a roughened surface on which, coatings, sealants, adhesives or further concrete may be applied.

Scabbing is also ideal where extra friction/traction may be required on a concrete surface such as pathways, roadways, warehouse or carpark floors.expertise which has put us at the forefront of the UK’s water jetting industry.

RGL offer both handheld and robotic concrete scabbling using ultra high-pressure water. Using these technologies, we can create a “Concrete Surface Profile” (CSP) as low as three and as high as ten.


Our scabbling technology can also be deployed to remove coatings and dress concrete back to a specified level on horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces. 

Surface preparation inside industrial tube

Concrete scabbling by handheld lance is quick and easy to set up and ideal for smaller surface areas and/or harder to reach places. Our Experienced Operators can cope with almost any environment or application and are able to control the standoff so they can be reactive to uneven and varying material hardness.

Key Benefits of Handheld Surface Preparation

  • Most suitable for smaller surface areas and harder to reach places
  • Vibration free method (no micro cracking of Substrate)
  • Our skilled operators can control the stand-off distance and be reactive to
    uneven surfaces and varying material hardness..
  • Chemically clean surface
  • No HAVS for operators
  • No waste abrasive media

Underground swimming pool and spa. Hand lanced surface preparation to create a good bonding face for the tile adhesive and tiles. – Park Lane London

Robotic semi-automatic scabbling operations give excellent control and a consistent finish. Using our vacuum recovery “Limpet blast heads “we can scrabble the surface whilst simultaneously recovering the waste concrete and water, a real advantage where spray is an issue, such as when working in public spaces. 


Key Benefits of Semi-Remote Robotic Scabbling

  • Most suitable for larger flat areas
  • 3 x faster than the handheld lance method
  • Remote controlled robotic operation
  • Operators stand away from the equipment which
    avoids the hazards associated with water jetting
  • No requirement for a full encapsulation vastly reduces cost
  • Reduced noise pollution
  • A consistent, uniform finish
  • Controlled management of waste

Surface preparation on Cross Rail

water jet concrete scabbling head
surface preparation of concrete
concrete surface preparation in progress
close up of concrete surface preparation finished product
inside of industrial tube

Road surface preparation – The Kincardine Bridge crossing the Firth of Forth from Falkirk to Kincardine,

hydrodemolition robot
surface preparation of motorway bridge
surface preparation robot
surface preparation motorway bridge
surface preparation on motorway bridge