Petrochemical & Oil Refining Brochure



‘The Water Jet Cutting and Hydroblasting brochure from RGL’


1) The UK’s leading UHP water jetting services provider

Over the last 30 years RGL has built up its reputation as one of the leading Ultra High Pressure water jetting services companies. In particular we have considerable experience of working on an extensive range of projects at many UK and international petrochemical plants – there are not many maintenance tasks we have not handled before. We have the plant, people and expertise to provide an unrivalled service.



2) Our services

RGL offers innovative new solutions and thinking for the petrochemical industry which are safer, cleaner and more cost effective than conventional maintenance routines:

  • cold cutting in volatile atmospheres of: Storage tanks, pipe lines and structural steel
  • tank lining removal
  • coatings removal and surface preparation for storage tanks and other steel structures
  • refractory lining removal
  • process pipeline cleaning
  • tube cleaning for heat exchangers and condensers

For all these processes we have accumulated a huge amount of knowledge and know-how in the utilisation of Ultra High Pressure water jetting equipment. We have continually driven changes to improve our techniques to safely and efficiently solve cutting and cleaning challenges in petrochemical plants.


3) Remote cleaning and cutting for risk avoidance

Minimising risk from hazards is paramount for all petrochemical projects, we maximise the deployment of remote control cleaning and cutting equipment, automated lancing rigs and innovative tank and pipe cleaning systems. All these methods offer a reduced hazard level by keeping operators away from the work face. We link the accessories to High and Ultra High Pressure portable trailer or truck mounted pumps with a flow output range of between 7-250 litres per minute and working pressure up to 3000bar.


4) A national and international service

We employ highly productive, experienced crews which are located throughout the UK and managed by our head office. Due to the portable nature of the equipment, our teams are fully mobile and offer an accessible, convenient and cost effective national and international service.



5) Resources for turnaround or emergency solutions

Turnaround maintenance: RGL clearly understand the challenges faced by ‘Turnaround Groups’ in implementing a series of critical maintenance tasks within very tight timescales.

As these projects are typically planned well in advance, you can rely on RGL’s project managers to work closely with your Turnaround Team to fully establish your requirements at an early stage. We are then able to guarantee the deployment of the appropriate crew, plant and equipment to complete the task within your specified time frame.

Emergency solutions: Despite your best efforts, regular maintenance routines and processes may not always be sufficient to overcome unexpected process failures. These may result in a requirement for tank and process pipework cleaning, heat exchanger tube blockage removal or other emergencies which are compromising the operational efficiency of your plant – and for which retained service suppliers cannot offer viable solutions.

You can rely on RGL to make our crews available at short notice and to devise and implement emergency solutions to overcome most technical challenges.


6) Understanding and delivering your requirements

You can be assured that our experience of the petrochemical industry means that we will quickly and expertly assess your exact requirements and provide you with a site safety, quality and environmental plan for every job. Task specific method statements and risk assessments will also be provided to help ensure you can assess and minimise any potential health and safety issues. Once agreed, our contract fulfilment manager will supervise the project and ensure the job goes exactly to plan.


7) Management of the project environment

RGL clearly understands the constraints of delivering water jet cutting and cleaning services in the petrochemical industry. We make particular efforts to ensure that we work to your precise specification. Our methodology will include aspects such as; site access, confined space entry, working from scaffolding or MEWPs, site safety, solids and liquid waste management, COSHH Assessment and measures to avoid adverse environmental impact. You can rely on us to fully comply with your requirements for the safe and effective delivery of our services.



8) Innovative plant and equipment

RGL is at the forefront of developing various innovative Ultra High Pressure water jet cutting and cleaning services for the petrochemical industry which deliver practical, effective and safe solutions to your challenges.

Cold Cutting:

We use Ultra High Pressure water jets, combined with a fine abrasive to cut almost any material without creating heat or sparks. This process is ideal for cutting into tanks or pipes that may contain volatile gas or liquid. It is a very versatile cutting tool which is operated in a remote control manner. The equipment is portable and also works under water. It is particularly effective at cutting steels and cast iron.

Coatings removal and surface preparation for storage tanks and other steel structures:

We offer a cheaper, safer and more effective alternative to open abrasive blast cleaning of oil storage tanks. Our UHP “Limpet Crawler System” is an effective method of removing paint and rust. Our equipment is zone rated and avoids the need for expensive scaffolding or sheeting. Furthermore, the in-built high power vacuum removes the water and waste which are then separated through a filtration system. All arisings are captured and the surface is left warm and dry.

Refractory Lining Removal:

We have successfully developed and trialled a new method of removing refractory lining material using a remote controlled precision Hydrodemolition process. This process avoids many of the health and safety issues associated with men working in confined spaces on plant such as a Catalyst Regeneration Unit. It also avoids the HAVS issues that occur through the use of mechanical breakers. The process ensures no damage is caused to the integrity of the steel vessel wall, Y anchors or Hexmesh.

Process Pipeline Cleaning:

Our Rotoream system is an innovative method for process pipeline cleaning which can navigate itself through T junctions or multiple bends using a rotating nozzle attached to a High Pressure hose. This system unblocks and flushes as it cuts, allowing removal of various substances such as slurry, rust, lime scale, cementitious lining, marine growth or failed protective coatings This system is capable of cleaning pipes up to 600m in one continuous length.

Tube Cleaning:

Heat exchangers in petrochemical plants regularly require unblocking or de-scaling, however some cleaning challenges can be beyond the capabilities of routine maintenance methods.RGL have an extensive range of equipment which enable us to tackle almost any heat exchanger tube cleaning task – we can unblock tubes that are choked with even the hardest materials and polish the tubes ready for IRIS inspection.

We tackle the challenges using portable semi – automatic equipment which can be deployed onto the plant into areas with restricted access. These ‘in-situ’ tube cleaning jobs which may be at a high level can be undertaken swiftly and safely. We also have multi-lance units suitable for use on your jet bay facility which are used in conjunction with powered rollers and high flow HP water jetting units to undertake automated shell and tube side cleaning.


9) Minimal breakdowns

RGL directly employ a full time maintenance team to ensure our equipment is meticulously maintained. We have a programme of scheduled preventative maintenance which means that we are able to change out components before they fail and cause delays. Our team also ensure routine servicing to manufacturer’s recommendations is undertaken to engines, pumps and all ancillary equipment. All equipment is predelivery inspected and tested to full working pressure prior to every new job start.

This focus on maintenance helps ensure we deliver our projects without slippage during critical outage periods.


10) Focus on health, safety, quality and the environment

Although High Pressure water jetting can be hazardous, rest assured that RGL fully manages the risks to ensure the safety of our crews and your valuable assets.

We fully comply with the Water Jetting Association’s safety code of practice. As active members of the Association we are continually involved with new industry initiatives to help improve safety. All our site teams are appropriately trained and have high levels of competence for each of our specialist activities.

RGL are accredited under quality standard ISO 9001:2008 and comprehensively insured for all types of petrochemical work.

Our Health, Safety and Environmental Policies are reviewed and re issued annually, thus ensuring we keep pace & continually effect improvements.