Concrete Hydrodemolition Brochure



Ten Good Reasons to use RGL’s Concrete Hydrodemolition Services

‘The Concrete Hydrodemolition Brochure from RGL Services’ 



1) The UK’s leading hydrodemolition services provider:

Over the last 30 years we have worked on thousands of large and small concrete hydrodemolition projects for most of the UK’s top civil engineering contractors – so there are not many tasks we haven’t already handled before. We’ve got the plant, people and expertise to provide an unrivalled service.


2) Wide ranging experience of all civil engineering projects:

Tunnels, bridges, airport terminals, hospitals, car parks, power stations, water treatment works, oil plants, nuclear establishments – you name it, we have built up a huge amount of knowledge and expertise in the removal of concrete by water jetting. Whether concrete is old or new, reinforced or un-reinforced we can cut it. Whether you require precision cutting or mass removal we know the typical challenges faced on each type of project.




3) Expert crews and top spec equipment:

We probably have the most experienced, productive crews in the UK. Our crews can deploy hand held safety guns for precision cutting and gimbal mounted lances or computer controlled robots for mass removal – all linked to trailers or truck mounted pumps with an output water flow range of 20-250 litres per minute and working pressure up to 3000 bar.


4) A cost effective nationwide network:

Our crews are located throughout the UK and managed by our head office in Hampshire to ensure we offer an accessible, convenient and cost effective nationwide service.


5) Resources for both planned support or emergency solutions:

RGL services are available for both:

Planned hydrodemolition. This is usually planned in advance to dovetail into your detailed work programme. However, we recognise that project timescales can change and we have the flexibility to ensure that you get the right crew and plant exactly when you need it.

Emergency hydrodemolition. Despite your best efforts, things can go wrong and concrete can end up in the wrong place – at the wrong strength – or without the necessary steel reinforcement or embedments. When you need to remove it fast we can usually make available our crews at short notice to undertake any corrective work and ensure your timescales don’t slip.


6) Understanding and delivering your requirements:

You can be assured that we will use all our experience to fully understand your requirements and provide you with a site safety, quality and environmental plan for every job. Task specific method statements and risk assessments will be based on site surveys, drawings, photos, sketches & verbal descriptions provided to us. Once agreed, our contract fulfilment management will be on hand to ensure the job goes exactly to plan.



7) Management of the project environment:

Whether it’s water availability, site access, noise attenuation, rubble and waste water removal, site safety, night working – you can rely on RGL to successfully work with you to fully manage the project and deliver our services to your requirements. For example, we can provide acoustic enclosures for our operations so that we can undertake hydro demolition next to offices and pedestrian areas, or in hospitals, hotels or shopping precincts.


8) Innovative plant and equipment:

RGL is at the forefront of the hydrodemolition industry and is pioneering innovations to provide quicker, cheaper, safer and environmentally friendly solutions. For example, we have developed ultra high pressure concrete cutting plant and techniques which achieve a very precise cut (it cuts both the aggregate and the cement matrix), reduces water consumption and minimises operator fatigue. The result? High levels of accuracy, better crew productivity and improved safety. Or take our use of gimbal mounted lances and high flow pump combination for when a large volume of concrete must be removed quickly. Using this method we are able to cut concrete more quickly than any of our competitors and complete our jobs faster and cheaper.


9) Minimal breakdowns:

RGL is one of the few companies that directly employ a full time maintenance team. This ensures that not only is our equipment properly maintained and regularly serviced but is tested to full working pressure and condition checked prior to every job. Minimising breakdowns help ensure that we avoid job slippage for ourselves and, project slippage for you.



10) Focus on health, safety, quality and the environment.

Although water jetting can be hazardous you can be assured that RGL fully manages these risks to ensure the safety of our crews. We are fully compliant with the Water Jetting Association’s ‘blue’ safety code of practice that requires task specific risk assessments for the method, conditions and type of equipment. All our site teams are accredited under CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme). RGL is accredited under quality standard ISO 9001 and is fully insured for all types of civil engineering project and location.