Civil Engineering Brochure

Ten Reasons To Use RGL’s Services For The Civil Engineering Industry

Civil Engineering Brochure

1.The UK’s leading provider of Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water jetting services

Over the last 35 years we have worked on thousands of projects in a broad spectrum of complexity for most of the UK’s blue chip contractors – so there are not many tasks we haven’t already handled before. We pride ourselves in taking on new challenges and have built a company with the right people, plant and expertise to provide unrivalled service.


2.Wide range of experience of all civil engineering projects

Tunnels, bridges, airport terminals, hospitals, car parks, power stations, water treatment works, oil plants, nuclear establishments. We have amassed a wealth of experience and expertise in the use of UHP water jetting. As a result, we are confident to bring innovative solutions to any civil engineering challenge across countless types of projects.


Civil engineering brochure handheld precision hydrodemoltion

3.Comprehensive range of services

  • Concrete hydrodemolition

Our core activity. We have been bettering ourselves in this function since day one and have worked in collaboration with jetting equipment manufacturers, engineers and our site teams to develop a more efficient and effective ways to remove concrete by water jetting. Whether the concrete is old or new, reinforced or not, we will cut it. Depending on your requirements we will precision cut to critical tolerances on depth and width, or provide bulk removal with our pumps operating at over 280MPa./2800 bar.

  • Robotic hydrodemolition

Robotic Systems for Concrete Hydrodemolition are becoming more widely requested by our customers. Robots are generally used where the depth of removal required does not exceed 350mm and where access permits. Benefits of using Robots include: Eliminating the Hazards associated with personnel operating hand held lances, improved debris containment and removal rates between 2.0 – 6.0 cubic meters volume per day.

  • Surface preparation and coatings removal

Often referred to as hydro-blasting, we offer both hand held lance services as well as the automatic robot for scabbling of flat or curved concrete surfaces. In most scenarios we will also deploy a vacuum waste recovery unit to manage resultant debris and wastewater locally. This means that the customer is left with a clean and ready-to-bond surface on which the new concrete or coating will be applied.

  • Underwater pile cutting

Our remotely controlled internal pile cutting system enables the cutting of piles below sea/ riverbed level, avoiding costly underwater excavations and use of cofferdams. We have cut Piles over 2m diameter and wall thickness of over 40mm.

Civil engineering brochure underwater pile cutting

  • Auger and Kelly Bar cleaning

We use ultra high pressure water jetting to clean and unblock augers and kelly bars that have become blocked during piling works. Working with diameters as small as 2”, the water jet will clear concrete, or other hard material leaving it as a bare metal component. This method is often more economical than replacing the auger sections and will be undertaken on site or at our head office premises.

  • Drain and sewer descaling and obstruction removal

Our descaling and obstruction removal tools use an innovative water jetting method to free drains and sewers of blockages and restrictions. We can remove almost any material – concrete, grout, lime scale and tree roots. We have even removed steel piles and bars that have been driven through the drain/sewer wall.

  • High vacuum waste recovery system

Our fleet includes vacuum waste recovery systems that will capture spray and remove water and debris prior to the water being filtered and treated. This system allows us to efficiently manage waste throughout the project and significantly reduce clear up costs.

  • Wastewater treatment

During the Concrete Hydrodemolition process a large quantity of waste water is inevitably created. We routinely capture and treat this waste water stream as part of our process. High alkali waste water is filtered to remove the majority of suspended solids & and the pH is balanced. This enables us to safely discharge treated water back into the environment. RGL have a number of portable waste water treatment units in our fleet which can be deployed quickly and cost effectively.


Civil engineering brochure expert crews

4.Expert crews

We probably have the most experienced and productive crews in the UK. A great number of our crews have been with us for many years and have the know how to tackle projects quickly and efficiently. All our site teams are accredited under CSCS, Confined Space, First Aid, CCNSG, SMSTS and SSSTS. We focus on deploying teams with high levels of competency for the task in hand.


5.A cost effective nationwide network

Our crews are stationed throughout the UK and managed via our head office in Hampshire. This ensures we are able to offer an accessible, convenient and cost effective service. We also have satellite offices in London and Manchester.


6.Resources for both planned support and emergency solution

Planned works – these projects are planned in advance to dovetail in to your detailed work programme. However, we acknowledge that project time scales in construction environments are dynamic and can change rapidly, thus we offer the flexibility to ensure you get the right crew exactly when you need them.

Emergency works – despite everyone’s best efforts, unpredictable occurrences on site happen and interventions are necessary. When you need a quick response we will make available our crews at short notice to undertake corrective/emergency works and to make certain we assist you to get back on programme.


7.Understanding and delivering your requirements

You can be assured that we will use all our experience to fully understand your requirements and provide you with a comprehensive; site safety, quality and environmental plan for every job. Task specific methodology will be based upon surveys, drawings, photos, sketches and verbal descriptions provided to us. Once the scope is agreed our contracts fulfilment team will ensure the job goes exactly to plan.


8.Management of the project environment

Whether the challenge is water availability, site access, noise attenuation, rubble and waste water management or night working you can rely on RGL to ensure our service is delivered in a way that meets your requirements. For example we routinely provide acoustic working enclosures so we can undertake works next to offices, pedestrian areas or in hospitals, hotels or shopping precincts.


Civil engineering brochure vacuum waste recovery equipment

9.Innovative and reliable plant and equipment

RGL is at the forefront of the water jetting industry. We are pioneering innovations which provide quicker, cheaper, safer and environmentally sensitive solutions. For example we have developed precision Ultra High Pressure Concrete Hydrodemolition methods which achieve high level of accuracy, reduced water consumption and minimise operator fatigue. This means we achieve better productivity and maintain an excellent safety performance.

Another example involves our Rotoream pipe cleaning technology which is capable of cleaning lines over 1000m in length. This clever technology uses energy from rotating jet heads to negotiate multiple bends and has power to blast away obstructions and flush unwanted material for recovery and disposal. All RGL Plant is meticulously maintained, prepared and tested in house before every job by our skilled maintenance team. This ensures we avoid breakdowns and project slippage.


10.Focus on health, safety, quality and the environment

Although there are hazards associated with water jetting, you can be assured that RGL mitigates these to ensure safety of our crews and others who may be affected by our operation.
We are fully compliant with the Water Jetting Association’s ‘blue’ safety code of practice that requires task specific risk assessments and methodology. RGL is also accredited under quality standard ISO 9001, health and safety standard ISO 45001 and environmental standard ISO 14001.