Precision Hydrodemolition


Raising the bar for safety and productivity.

Precision Hydrodemolition – Efficient, Versatile, Accurate and Safe.

At RGL, we are constantly striving to improve productivity whilst simultaneously driving Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water jetting into more challenging environments. 

When it comes to removing concrete for repair or replacement, UHP Hydrodemolition is fast becoming the method of choice.


 The harnessing of the power of UHP water jets through remote controlled robots such as our “Aqua cutter robots” and “Aqua Spines” mean that all kinds of jobs can be completed swiftly, effectively and above all, safely.


On many occasions, we have provided our clients with solutions that minimise damage to sound surrounding concrete whilst leaving the area clean and ready to apply the new materials.

We were recently engaged to rectify damage created to the concrete floors of a multi-story car park.

Unfortunately, traditional methods had already been deployed which resulted in the unnecessary destruction of the surrounding “good” concrete and significant damage to the exposed reinforcing bars which all had to be replaced.


Had the RGL water jetting teams been called in initially

a precise cut could have been made with minimal need for expensive reparations. 


Furthermore, and most importantly, the significant disruption caused to the users of the car park (client’s customers) could have been avoided.