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Surface Preparation

RGL offer surface preparation of concrete and steel using ultra high-pressure water jets. We use our Limpet blast head incorporating vacuum recovery of debris and wastewater. The versatility of our robots allows them to be used on tank walls, roofs and floor, bridge decks, tunnels and other structures to provide a clean dust free, bare metal or exposed aggregate finish.


Get back to the bare metal.

Hydro blasting of steel offers a cheaper, safer and more cost-effective alternative to dry abrasive blast cleaning or mechanical surface preparation methods. The machines are self-supporting and can be remotely operated from a “cherry picker” therefore; do not require scaffolding. This technique is abrasive free and thus avoids waste disposal costs associated with abrasive blast cleaning.

Surface Preparation - Steel

Clean, dust-free and safe for operators

UHP Water Jetting is typically used on large areas of concrete to scabble or prepare the surface for over coating. Wherever possible, we use our Limpet blast head which incorporates powerful vacuum recovery of both wastewater and debris. It can be used on structures such as bridge decks and tunnels providing a clean dust free finish and without any percussive vibration associated with mechanical preparation techniques.

Surface Preparation - Concrete / Scabbling

Create the perfect key

The Scabbled finish achieved with water jetting is perfect for laying new concrete, or coating (such as waterproofing) Nearly all non-visual chemical traces and debris are removed as part of the hydro-blasting process leaving an ideal surface for over coating.

Various degrees of profile can be achieved, depending on site specific requirements and the type of substrate being treated. Profile can be varied from 1-2 mm up to heavy scabble of over 25mm.

Scabbling and Laitance Removal

A safer surface preparation technique

Our system uses no abrasive and thus minimises costly disposal of waste arisings. Small areas, corners and edges are often treated using a handheld safety lance by a skilled operator. Water jets are vibration free, thus hazards associated with HAVS (Hand Arm Vibration) are eliminated.

UHP water jets are proven to be excellent at removing paint, rust, bitumen, epoxies and other coatings from almost any surface. The process does not cause damage to the underlying material or generate any heat, sparks dust or vibration.

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