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What is Robotic Hydrodemolition?

RGL’s computer controlled robotic hydrodemolition tools are generally used for mass removal of concrete up to 300mm in depth. Robots are suitable for deck work and also adaptable for soffits and walls up to six metres in height with a standard tower section fitted.

Robotic hydrodemolition tools are in most cases controlled by a single operator and their robust construction ensures that high removal rates are maintained over long periods, thus making them a competitive concrete removal option.


No job too big... or hard to reach.

Robots range in size. We have lightweight, portable units which can be deployed by hand and assembled in areas with restricted access. Larger, heavy duty tracked units, which weigh in the region of two and a half tonnes, are completely portable with their own diesel engine and hydraulic control system. Electric-powered options are also available for work in enclosed areas where exhaust fumes are an issue.

The set-up time is kept to a minimum, as the system is fully integrated and self-contained. Simple remote control means that depth and width of the cut is easily managed.


Self-sufficient services

These machines are all maintained and serviced by our in-house workshop, and in addition to the mass removal of concrete, this robotic system can be used for scabbling, laitance and coatings removal. A powerful vacuum waste recovery option is also available.

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