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Precision Concrete Cutting

In some instances, you may only wish to remove a small area of concrete, or conduct Hydro-archaeology where avoiding damage to underlying surfaces and brick work is paramount. Whether you require the cut to be a certain shape or need to protect the surrounding surfaces from damage, UHP water jetting and RGL can offer the perfect solution.


Brick by brick precision

RGL utilise handheld and robotic systems to offer precision concrete cutting as part of our range of Hydrodemolition services.

Ideal for confined spaces, precision cutting can be used for horizontal, vertical, and overhead concrete removal (not forgetting surface preparation on reinforced and non-reinforced structures).

High levels of control for the water jetting operator make it ideal for removing concrete from around embedded metal elements such as reinforcing steel, expansion joints on bridges, anchorages, conduits, shear connectors, and shear studs.

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The 'hole' shebang

Precision concrete hydrodemolition is proven highly effective on localised removals where concrete deterioration is confined to small areas and for large area removals in preparation for a bonded overlay. This technology can also be used to remove existing coatings from concrete - see Surface Preparation.

Robotic Hydrodemolition allows us to increase speed and cover larger areas. Sophisticated controls allow our operators to decide what depth and where the concrete should be cut while resulting dust is contained by integrated waste recovery systems - a real benefit in environments such as Roads, Bridges, Runways and public spaces.

Other Hydrodemolition services


Occasionally it can be necessary to use intrusive excavation techniques on an archaeological site. These sites will often contain unique records of the past in which the process of excavation could destroy, so it is essential to understand that excavation by water jet can only be justified in certain circumstances.

For archaeological purposes, excavation involves the use of a relatively low-pressure pump and handheld lancing to control depth and precision. By adjusting the flow, a gentle stream of the water can be controlled to cut through and remove concrete, stone, hard-packed clays and sand.

Its use as an excavating tool in an archaeological sense, is limited to situations where the water jet will not damage artefacts or the integrity of archaeological deposits before they are mapped.

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