Handheld Hydrodemolition


What is Handheld Hydrodemolition?

Handheld Hydrodemolition is often used for small scale concrete removal where precision is needed, or work is to be conducted within a confined space. Hand lance operators are able to offer accuracy to the millimetre and cut at over 1 metre thickness. There are a huge range of applications for handheld hydrodemolition in civil engineering – and each requires a suite of lances, nozzles and accessories. These are linked to portable pump units with an output waterflow range of 20-250 litres per minute and working pressure up to 3000 bar.


Precision removal

Handheld safety lances are particularly suited to the removal of small volumes of concrete and are ideal where access is restricted and where precision cutting is required. Each lance can work safely up to 3000 bar and can cut both concrete and aggregate to achieve accuracy to the millimetre (mm)


Mass removal

Gimbal-mounted recoilless lances can be over four times as productive as handheld lances.

This option is ideal for large volume removal jobs in conditions where manual control is required and where access for robotic removal is impractical.

Gimbal mounted lances enable operators to manually control the full potential of jetting units up to 450kW. They incorporate a lock for barrel length adjustment, which means that we can cut concrete over one metre thick, deeper than with either a robot or a hand held lance. Safe control of the Gimbal is achieved using a multi-directional clip system that fits on to any standard site scaffolding. Risks associated with high nozzle reaction forces are minimised and operator fatigue is reduced – thus improving safety and increasing productivity.

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