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High or Ultra-high-pressure water jetting is ideal when cleaning jobs are too difficult, dangerous or time consuming to tackle by hand. Our skilled operators and proven cleaning techniques can be as delicate or aggressive as required by adjusting machinery, pressure, flow, type of nozzle, stand-off distance & traverse speed.


Tank, vessel and column cleaning

The large number of varying tank designs and their content is a challenge when internal cleaning is required. To overcome the array of tanks and vessel configurations, RGL have a selection of equipment at their disposal. This means we can develop one off or regular cleaning program(s) ensuring your equipment is operating at its best.

Tank, Vessel and Column Cleaning

Pipeline cleaning and blockage removal

Water jetting is a highly efficient cleaning method. It uses no chemicals and can remove not only old surface coatings, but also rust, biofilm, limescale and more. As with our other cleaning methods, we are able to deploy our cleaning technology to almost any pipe be it horizontal, vertical, straight or bent.

Pipeline Cleaning & Blockage Removal

Heat exchanger and tube bundle cleaning

Ultra-High-Pressure water jetting is a very effective method used for heat exchanger cleaning. As heat exchangers are a core part of most industrial processes it is important that they operate at their optimum level. Deposits and other particles can reduce the efficiency of heat transfer.

Heat Exchanger & Tube Bundle Cleaning

Industrial boiler and economiser cleaning

In the modern world, it is essential that heat exchanging devices like boilers and economisers are kept in tip-top condition to maintain process efficiency as well minimising environmental impact.

Working closely with our customers, we have been able to understand their facilities constraints and have developed equipment and associated processes which minimise downtime and leave the boiler/economiser clean and efficient.

Boiler and Economiser Cleaning

Auger / Agitator / Concrete Mixer Drum Cleaning

Industrial plant and machinery can fail if not maintained properly and where regular cleaning can boost efficiency, it makes sense to let RGL help you keep on top of it.

While much of our equipment cleaning work is undertaken by robots, handheld lances enable our professional jetters to reach hard to clean areas with powerful precision. Unclogging pipes, tubing and breaking down hardened concrete deposits - the power of our UHP water jet cleaning methods will get your equipment back into action in no time.

Concrete Mixer and Agitator Cleaning

Servicing industries around the world

RGL have successfully completed numerous projects globally and in a diverse range of industrial environments. From the skillset of our operatives to the tools we select for a task. There is no substitute for a contractor with a working experience of your industry and the challenges you face.

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RGL are the UK’s leading interface between water jetting technology and the job to be done.

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