Decommissioning metal structures, no sparks no heat..

Due to our robust reputation as pioneers of water jet cutting and cleaning technologies, RGL is often approached by customers to deliver innovative solutions for the decommissioning of structures within potentially hazardous environments or ones that contain potentially volatile materials such as titanium.


Over many years, RGL has developed a range of equipment and expertise which has put us at the forefront of the UK’s water jetting industry.

Benefits of working with RGL:

  • A proven track record of delivering decommissioning projects safely, on time and in full

  • We have a stock of “in house” developed equipment that can be adapted for specific situations and deployed quickly.

  • Our equipment is remotely operated ensuring that all staff can maintain a safe physical distance from the water jet cutting nozzle(s) .

  • We are focussed on reducing time and have recently developed equipment using two cutting nozzles effectively halving cutting times.

  • Our precise abrasive water jet systems can cut accurately through most materials up to 300mm in thickness.

  • By maintaining a safe environment, other contractors on-site can continue to work, ensuring disruption caused by jetting operations are kept to a minimum.


We use Ultra High-Pressure water jets, combined with abrasive to cut almost any material without creating heat or sparks. This process is ideal for decommissioning equipment such as tanks or pipes that have contained volatile gas or liquid.


As a result of our worldwide decommissioning experience, we have learned that that time is of the essence, so we work with our clients to design and manufacture equipment to minimise set-up and cutting times.

Floating tank roof nearing completion
Floating Tank Roof at the beginning of works
measurement of tube wall
AWJCC - Steel - Proven Gas Works - 10495 - Gas Holder - Robot - Rig - Cutting Glasgow 2020 (9)