What Are The Benefits And Uses Of Hydrodemolition?

Hydrodemolition, also known as hydro blasting, is a demolition technique used to remove concrete and other materials using high pressure or ultra high-pressure water jet. Compared to conventional demolition tools, hydrodemolition is an effective method to cut down concrete without affecting the substructure and other parts.

It has become a popular method for removing damaged concrete on structures where due to the environment and location traditional noisy and more destructive methods would not be suitable, such as current repairs to the Westway A40 in Hammersmith, located in a residential area and with contraflow systems in place.

What is Hydrodemolition?

Hydrodemolition is the masses removal of concrete using high-pressure water jets. The method is cost-effective, efficient, accurate, and importantly, with our enhanced awareness of such aspects, environmentally friendly.

What are the Benefits of Hydrodemolition?

Hydrodemolition is known as one of the safest methods of concrete removal due to a range of factors including:

No production of harmful silica dust

Hydrodemolition robots are operated via remote controllers at a safe distance.

No vibrations are deployed while using the equipment, therefore, the risk of contracting HAVS (hand-arm vibration syndrome) is eliminated.

Environmentally Friendly

All of the wastewater is treated, ensuring that the water is clean and debris-free before returning to the environment.

There are no harmful gases that are released into the environment.

Cost-Effective. The use of hydrodemolition robots will help you save money because the machines are safer to use, resulting in a reduced risk of injury on site, and the equipment used is 30 per cent more reliable than traditional methods, meaning the job gets done quicker and with less downtime.

Hydrodemolition is exceptionally accurate, and operators are almost artists with their precision. Recent updates in hydrodemolition technology mean robots can be programmed to cut intricate geometric shapes at a range of different depths.

What is Hydrodemolition used for?

Even while the purpose of hydrodemolition appears to be demolition, its main purpose is to protect concrete structures, but how does it go about ensuring this?

Preparation of concrete surfaces for repair

The state of concrete structures is determined by three main factors; exposure to the elements, repeated use, and the passage of time.

When concrete is damaged, repairs must be undertaken as soon as possible, as its functionality will decrease, as well as look shabby and unattractive.

For repairs to be successfully completed, the surface first needs to be prepared using hydrodemolition. A technique called ‘scabbling’ roughens to the surface of the concrete to leave a rough and clean surface that the next layer of concrete can adhere to better.

The structural integrity is not affected

Traditional methods of concrete removal can often do more harm than good, with vibrations causing micro-cracking in the structure.

However, hydrodemolition is easily able to remove unwanted layers of concrete without impacting the structural integrity.

If youd like to find out more about the hydro demolition of concrete, then get in touch with our team today!

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