Top Uses Of Water Jetting Services

Water jetting services can be very useful for a huge range of sectors, whether pipes must be cleaned, surfaces need preparing, or hard-to-reach materials have to be cut. Here are just a few reasons why these types of services might benefit your industry.

  • - Water jet cutting

One of the most common reasons businesses get in touch with high pressure water jetting services is because they need a difficult material cutting in a safe way. For instance, if they want something tough like steel to be cut while avoiding the risk of a fire or injury to the operator.

By using ultra-high pressure water, it can cut through the metal without causing sparks or explosions and be operated in a safe way as it can be controlled remotely.

Therefore, this is something that many companies can benefit from, including the oil and gas industry, offshore energy sector, and petrochemical providers.

  • - High-pressure cleans

It is widely known that high pressure water is great at removing tough stains, and the more difficult it is to clean, the more pressure is needed. That is why tanks, vessels and columns are often cleaned with high-pressure water jets.

This avoids having to manually clean the difficult-to-reach areas by hand, which can be dangerous in some situations. What’s more, the pressure, nozzle, distance and speed of jet can be altered, whether a delicate or aggressive clean is required. Therefore, it can be tailored specifically to the item being cleaned and the stain that needs to be removed, whether it is old surface coatings, rust, limescale or biofilm.

  • - Hydrodemolition

Water jets can be very powerful, so much so that they can remove unwanted concrete, grout or asphalt, for use in construction or demolition.

This is known as hydroblasting, or hydrodemolition, with remotely operated equipment jetting high pressure water at a surface to get rid of the redundant material.

This leaves it in a good state for repair or for a new coating, instead of having to build on the old, worn-out grout, asphalt or concrete.

Advantages of using hydrodemolition include the fact it saves manpower, as robots can operate the jets. This means operatives do not have to spend time and energy removing the concrete themselves, which can also be a dangerous job. What’s more, it is better for the structure, as manual removal can often result in micro-fractures, which hydroblasting avoids.

Consequently, the structure can be re-used without it needing extra surface preparation, as the water enables adherence of recast concrete.

As well as being used in the construction and demolition industries, this water jetting service is also useful for electricity, water and gas companies, as a high level of accuracy is required when removing concrete near to these supplies.

  • - To prepare surfaces

Similarly, water jets can be utilised to prepare surfaces of concrete and steel, so they are left as bare metal, with an exposed aggregate finish, and clean and dust-free.

Bridge decks and tunnels are often cleaned with this method, as well as anywhere new concrete or coating needs to be laid down.

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