As a specialist in the Water Jetting industry and member of the Water Jetting Association RGL are proud to help develop and innovate the industry wherever possible.

Through our years of experience, we are happy to promote the versatility of water jetting as a service, and highlight its use across multiple industries.

We hope you find our News section of interest, and we will provide monthly blogs along with news of any industry developments.

Precision Concrete Hydrodemolition – Bridge Bearing Removal

Using Hand Held Low Reaction Force Safety Lance our expert team used Precision Hydrodemolition to remove concrete and grout surrounding this bridge bearing. This enabled essential maintenance work to be carried out, including the replacement of the bearings.

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Precision Robotic Concrete Hydrodemolition

Using our tracked Hydrodemolition robot, we removed 75mm of concrete over 132 square metres (9.9 cubic metres) on this concrete ramp to expose steel reinforcement and enable a new pour to provide a new finish. Works were completed remotely and on time.

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RGL use UHP Water Blasting with Waste Vacuum Recovery to help restore Iconic Lighthouse Supply Ship whilst afloat.

RGL were recently called upon to provide their Ultra High-Pressure Water Jet Coatings Removal Service to assist with restoration of the Lighthouse Supply Ship Fingal. An Historic and interesting vessel built in 1923. The customer required the Vessel to be blasted and re-coated whilst afloat and therefore old coatings had to be captured as work

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Abrasive Water Jet Cuts 55mm Steel Plate and 200mn of High Strength Grout

RGL cut through a 55mm steel plate and 200mm high strength grout in preparation for an offshore project running later this year. Using ultra high-pressure water we can cut through very thick materials at over 80m depth. RGL design and manufacture bespoke tooling and Remote Control Cutting Equipment. Using RGL’s remote control under water cutting

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April 1st – Press Release

Breaking new ground by undertaking pile cutting works in the arctic….

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Precision Concrete Hydrodemolition of Reinforced Wall to Create Opening

Removing 1.1 cubic metres of concrete from a heavily reinforced wall to create new door way (2m wide x 1.3m high). All steel was left intact. Water jets create no vibration and thus are ideal where the remaining structure needs to be retained undamaged.

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RGL to Exhibit at StocExpo Europe

We are proud to be exhibiting at StocExpo Europe next week, the show hosted at the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam runs from March 26th-28th and covers all aspects of the tank storage industry. The 3 days are filled with networking opportunities, industry recognised speakers and over 200 exhibitors. We are on Stand C11 and look

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Gas Holder Cutting by Abrasive Water Jet.

Using our abrasive water jet cold cutting system, RGL were able to cut steel without heat or sparks. This was essential as the redundant Gas Holder contained flammable vapour and sludge, which had potential to catch fire if conventional hot cutting were used. Here the picture shows cutting through Reinforced Steel section and multiple layers

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Ultra High-Pressure Water Jetting Robotic for Surface Preparation of Concrete

RGL offer surface preparation of concrete using 40,000 PSI ultra high-pressure water jets. We use our Limpet blast head incorporating vacuum recovery of debris and waste water. The versatility of our robot allows it to be used on bridge decks, tunnels and other structures to provide a clean dust free, exposed aggregate finish.    

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Water Jet Cutting for Tank Decommissioning in Explosive Atmosphere

Using our “Jetnife” abrasive water jet cutting technique we have recently completed the successful decommissioning of twelve cylindrical tanks at a UK Chemical Manufacturing Plant. The customer required an intrinsically safe method of cutting due to the flammable nature of the chemicals present on site and the risk of fire/explosion. Each tank required one circumferential

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