Lime scale removal in drinking water plant.


Is the build up of debris hampering your equipements performance?

Over time, debris can build up in process equipment which reduces equipment performance, lowers process speeds and can create the risk of contamination.

Keeping tanks, mixers and associated equipment clean helps to ensure:

  • Optimum process flow is retained.
  • Inspections and associated maintenance are effective.
  • Standards of hygiene and cleanliness are maintained.


RGL were engaged to clean vessels for a Regional Water authority.

Installed at a drinking water processing site the tanks were used in the treatment and preparation of the water.  The limescale in the water had formed crusty deposits on the internal surfaces of the pipework, vessels walls and internal equipment.

The effects of limescale formation in a large vessel.


How it works.

At RGL we understand the benefits of cleanliness but also that time is of the essence. That is why we have a range of high and ultra-high jetting equipment/techniques to achieve the most effective results in the quickest time possible. We can also offer a service to clean equipment outside a customer’s standard hours thus eliminating costly process downtime.

In most cases, we employ three-dimensional cleaning heads which can be inserted and positioned inside the vessel via top hatches negating the need for man entry. In our experience this technique not only produces the best results but also ensures the safety of our staff who can operate and control the jetting equipment from outside the vessel.

The results of three-dimensional ultra-high pressure jetting.

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