Utilities & Power Generation

water jetting for power stationsWhether its power generation, power transmission, water supply or sewage treatment we have provided a wide variety of UHP water jetting services that are often critical to the efficient maintenance of services or planned infrastructure upgrades where outages must be kept to an absolute minimum.

Whether its civil engineering contractors or utility owners RGL can be relied upon to undertake all the necessary site surveys, trials and method statements backed up with site safety, quality and environmental plans so that you can have full confidence that our proven approach and methods will achieve the results you want within the specified timescale. We fully appreciate that our involvement is just one inter-dependent task in often complex projects.

Our experience includes work on the following utilities and projects:

1) Power generation

Nuclear power stations – Hunterston, Heysham, Dungeness, Sellafield, Winfrith

  • Abrasive water jet cutting on steel pipework on cooling water intakes coated with chlorinated rubber and paint based protective coatings.
  • Surface preparation of pump casings and coatings and corrosion removal from the exterior surfaces of water cooling pumps.
  • Concrete hydrodemolition on jetties/ marine structures that require maintenance – see Hunterston power station case study.

Gas fired power stations – Partington – Manchester

  • Cleaning of small diameter tube heat exchangers in the gas fired power stations.
  • Cutting out concrete plant bases/mounting plinths for pumps and electric motors that needed refurbishing or reinforcing

Wind farms – Dunbar

  • Surface preparation of steel monopile and transition piece using UHP water blasting.
  • Abrasive water jet cutting apertures into the monopile or transition piece.
  • Concrete hydrodemolition of turbine base.

Waste Biomass – Shoreham and IOW

  • Refractory lining removal using a remote controlled precision hydrodemolition process
  • Removal of ash and dusty by-product from heat exchangers and economisers
  • Cold cutting of steel plant casings using an abrasive water jet to avoid fire risk from flammable by-products

2) Power Transmission

Electricity network – Electricity network – London

  • Concrete hydrodemolition using UHP precision hand held cutting lances in proximity to high voltage electric cables – avoids the risk of damaging transformers and cable connections through the use of jackhammers

Gas network – M25, London

  • Cold cutting of gas pipelines and gas storage tanks
  • Lead coatings removal and surface preparation prior to maintenance painting of gas holders and pipework.
  • Cutting concrete from around gas pipework and foundations to concrete tank bases.

3) Water

Clean water – Durleigh Reservoir

  • Concrete cutting from around water pipes,
  • Pipeline limescale de-scaling and removal.

Waste water – Poole, Old Whittington, Weatherlees – Fort Cumberland, Beckton

  • Drain and sewer blockage removal of concrete, grout, collapses, tree roots or material blockage.
  • Concrete cutting from around water pipes
  • Precision Concrete Hydrodemolition to create apertures in underground tanks
  • Pipeline limescale de-scaling and removal.
  • Cold cutting into live sewage mains where there is a risk of methane gas causing an explosion.
  • Remote control tank and vessel cleaning where the risk from methane gas makes it undesirable to put crews into confined spaces
  • Removal of rubber lining from inside surface of Sewage Digester