Utilities – Water, Sewage and Power

water jetting for power stationsRGL is the UK’s leading waterjet company who have delivered a portfolio of services to the “Utility Industry” and gained a proven track record of delivering these services safely, on time and in full.
The vast majority (80%) of our business at RGL is from much valued repeat customers. We pride ourselves on our high service levels and get rewarded by being invited back time and time again.
Our experience to date includes the successful completion of work as follows:

1) Power generation

Nuclear power stations – Hunterston, Heysham, Dungeness, Sellafield, Winfrith

Gas fired power stations – Partington – Manchester

Wind farms – Dunbar & Blyth

Waste Biomass – Shoreham and IOW

2) Power Transmission

Electricity network – Electricity network – London

  • Concrete Hydrodemolition: using accurate hand held cutting lances in proximity to high voltage electric cables avoiding considerable damage that would have occurred to transformers and cable connections if traditional methods (jackhammers) were deployed.

Gas network – M25, London

  • Abrasive water jet cold cutting: of gas pipelines and gas storage tanks where it was likely there was residual gas pockets and sparks had to be avoided
  • Surface Preparation: Lead coatings removal and containment prior to maintenance painting of gas holders and pipework.
  • Concrete Hydrodemolition: Cutting concrete from around gas pipework and foundations to concrete tank bases leaving embedded steel pipework intact.

3) Water

Durleigh Reservoir

  • Concrete Hydrodemolition: Cutting concrete from around water pipes leaving the pipes in situ and intact
  • Pipeline Cleaning:  Removing tough deposits including limescale and bringing flow rate through pipework back to specification avoiding the need for costly replacements

Waste water – Poole, Old Whittington, Weatherlees,Fort Cumberland & Beckton