Oil & Gas Exploration

oil exploration and water jetting servicesNot only do RGL have substantial experience in the petro-chemical sector but we have used this knowledge to provide a variety of similar services to onshore oil and gas exploration sites throughout the UK:

Temporary Exploratoration sites

For exploratory drilling sites the majority of our work is cleaning drill tubulars which are contaminated with Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (N.O.R.M) hydrocarbons, mud and scale.

For this specialist work we have developed a Portable Cleaning Unit which comprises, tubular handling tooling, ultra high pressure water jetting system and waste containment/processing capability, all mounted in ISO containers. The Unit can handle internal and external cleaning in most lengths and diameters. Bends and complex well site components can also be handled.

Once cleaned we contain the liquid and solid waste and either drum it ready for disposal via the approved route.

Disposal via a cuttings re-injection system may be possible in some cases.

Our teams can be deployed nationwide to provide tubular cleaning services. As you would expect from RGL our services are delivered together with expert project, safety and noise management for each campaign.

Our experience of tubular cleaning on temporary exploration sites include:

  • Northern Petroleum – Horndean and Liverpool
  • KCA Drilling – Winchester
  • British Drilling and Freezing – Andover
  • LoanStar – Durham

Permanent Exploration sites

For permanent onshore sites such as BP/Perenco – Wytch Farm, Dorset we have deployed the full range of services which has included

  • N.O.R.M. removal (as above)
  • Cold cutting without heat or sparks into storage tanks, pipe lines and structural steel in volatile atmospheres
  • UHP Water Blast Cleaning for coatings removal and surface preparation for storage tanks and other steel structures.
  • Process pipeline cleaning through straight sections, T junctions or multiple bends to remove slurry, rust, limescale, cementitious lining or failed protective coatings
  • Heat exchanger cleaning to unblock tubes that are choked with the hardest material
  • Tank and vessel cleaning using remote control jetting equipment
  • Specialist concrete hydrodemolition.