Chemical Manufacturing

We have developed in-depth knowledge of providing a variety of services to Chemical and Paint plants – mainly to overcome problems that routine maintenance cannot overcome:

Internal tank and vessel cleaning has been the most popular service. Clean vessels result in faster batch runs, lower plant operating costs and less down time due to downstream contamination. In some cases we have been requested to remove the lining from a tank.

So what are the advantages of using RGL?

We are able to clean vessels from outside, without the need to send workers into these confined spaces. Our UHP tank cleaning heads rotate in two axes, thereby reaching all areas within the vessel. Our advanced nozzle positioning technology ensures that the water jet becomes a highly effective cleaning and cutting tool. Remote, precision control cleaning minimizes risk to what is a high hazard task.

Additional services for chemical and paint plants include:

  • Unblocking process pipes, tube bundle cleaning and emergency gel removal
  • Planned cleaning can be provided at scheduled times to provide better plant reliability.
  • Rubber/blockage removal from Process pipe work
  • Resin reactor vessel cleaning
  • Cold cutting into storage tank
  • Paint line blockage removal
  • Latex rubber removal from pipes and vessels