Chemical Manufacture and Tank Storage

RGL have gained significant experience providing a variety of services to Chemical and Paint plants both for standard maintenance and non-routine tasks. We regularly attend a range of sites to carry out routine preventative maintenance tasks for example:


  • Tank and vessel cleaning:  we possess a range of heads, nozzles and semi-automatic equipment to carry this out safely, efficiently and economically.
  • Pipeline Cleaning:  Removing tough deposits and unblocking process pipes to bring flow rates back to specification avoiding the need for costly replacements.
  • Tube and Bundle Cleaning: Removal of residue and by-product from heat exchangers and economisers.


We are also able to offer a range of non-routine “project”  based services:

  • Abrasive Jet Cutting: of pipelines and storage tanks where it is likely that they contain some residual product creating an explosive atmosphere where sparks must be avoided.
  • Surface preparation: of steel structures and pipework ready for coating by others.
  • Refractory lining removal: using a remote controlled hydrodemolition process which preserves Y anchors/ hex-mesh and avoids the risks associated with the use of jackhammers. Furthermore, this technology keeps operators outside the confined space whist the refractory removal operations are taking place.
  • Concrete hydrodemolition: Cutting concrete from around water pipes leaving the pipes in situ and intact

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